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COVID and obesity

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Sarcelle Wed 06-May-20 06:15:51

There seems to be a link to obesity and the likelihood of surviving the virus. Full disclaimer, just saw this on a Sarah Vine article on the Fail's website. If that is true, as we are the fattest in Europe, that may account for our record numbers of deaths. It will be more complicated than that, but it will be a large factor.

I am overweight (not obese). I lost 2 stone a few years ago and it has slowly crept back on - about 7 pounds of it. (I never reached my goal weight at that time.) This virus, the threat of it, has made me want to step up the weightloss and fitness. I need to lose approx 19 pounds to get to my goal weight. Even those 7 pounds has made me feel sluggish and un energetic.

I am wondering if this crisis will spur people on to lose the weight for health reasons. Could this be a real impetus for changing our bad habits for good. I think lockdown will leave people fatter or fitter and initially I was heading towards fatter, but I have pulled back and am now at the same weight I was pre lockdown, still overweight but without any new pounds added.

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Peggysgettingcrazy Wed 06-May-20 06:43:55

Its the same as anything. Some people will lose some people put it on.

All depends on how we cope. I lost quite a bit of weight. My job means I am sat down most of the day. Don't take a lunch break so don't really walk about that much. Lots of meetings with buffet lunches, cakes and biscuits in the office.

I was ill at the end of February. It was either covid or something similar. I dont know and haven't got my sense of taste or smell back. So most food tastes the same.

I am also walking the dogs most days, where dp always did that before due to the large amount of hours I work.

So combining it all, I have lost weight without really trying. Its not been a conscious thing.

Working from home has given me a completely different lifestyle. I have decided that I actually need to eat better. I have been eating less but not really eating fruit or veg. I have been making the effort to include them in my food now.

PurpleDaisies Wed 06-May-20 06:49:12

My weight is pretty stable. I ate a bit much to start with, calmed down not and doing more exercise so I’ve lost the few pounds that went on and I’ll probably stay the same.

People know obesity causes all sorts of health problems. I’m not sure just adding a new one will make a difference.

Well done on getting in control of your weight before it was too much to lose.

Klaudia14 Wed 06-May-20 07:31:37

If anyone is interested in a very well researched article that states just how problematic this whole link between obesity and covid19 is!

slartibarti Wed 06-May-20 08:08:08

I don't think there's likely to be a clear conclusion about the relationship between obesity and covid19.
Worried overweight people will be able to find studies and articles that say there's no link.
Those who want to weight shame or "encourage" the obese to lose weight will find research to back up their stance.
And the government will sit on the fence and not commit either way.

Peggysgettingcrazy Wed 06-May-20 08:13:12

The simple fact is that being over weight (which is me currently) puts more pressure on heart and lungs. So, its certainly not going help if you get it.

Yes there will be other factors included. Its to early to say either way. People want definitive answers. We arent used to having to wait.

Risk factors will change, most likely.

But anything you can do to be healthier before you get it, is a good thing.

oohnicevase Wed 06-May-20 08:16:00

It has spurred me on !! I am about 3 stone overweight and joined slimming world as soon as I saw the connection.. I have a Tyroid issue too and have struggled but it was a desperate attempt . I've lost 10 pounds so far and feel better and calmer about the whole thing .. I will definitely keep going !

Bagelsandbrie Wed 06-May-20 08:19:19

I don’t think people will be scared enough to do anything about it (I’m overweight myself by the way). Being overweight is and always has been awful for your health in many, many ways - pressure on your heart, diabetes, causing strokes, etc and yet people are still piling on the pounds, coronavirus won’t change that. It will just be yet another “thing”.

Bagelsandbrie Wed 06-May-20 08:20:39

Cross posted with someone proving me wrong. grin

PanicOnTheStreets85 Wed 06-May-20 08:23:46

I don’t think people will be scared enough to do anything about it

I've lost a stone since lockdown started too and am only a couple of pounds away from being overweight rather than obese. This has been a really good kick up the bum for me grin

AliceLutherNeeMorgan Wed 06-May-20 08:24:39

This is something which has given me a much-needed kick to make the most out of lockdown. I’m not obese but am overweight.

Other factors such as age that raise my risk for COVID19 I can’t do anything about - but this is something that is technically in my control. I’ll definitely have a good look at that article @Klaudia14 as it may be good for my willpower!

iVampire Wed 06-May-20 08:25:58

I think that people will always find a way to dismiss the medical concerns as fat shaming

Which is a pity

Hoppit Wed 06-May-20 08:50:01

@PanicOnTheStreets85 it has been a kick up the bum for me too! I had started to creep back towards being overweight after losing a couple of stone a few years ago and I'm now heading back down. Slightly annoyed I had put on those few pounds really.

HandsOffMyRights Wed 06-May-20 08:54:28

It's spurred me on.
My BMI is 30 and I am about 2 stone overweight. My BP is high and my heart rate is too.

It's just brought issues to the fore, that Covid aside, being overweight/obese is not good for the body.

I've only started trying this week, with my diet and exercise. I did couch to 5k yesterday and by God I'm unfit.

LaurelHedgeFund Wed 06-May-20 08:56:23

Although that article is in the DM, the reporter is spot on. It's not just Covid though, if you are overweight or obese, it is really bad news for your health.

I have only lived back here for a couple of years and it seems that a lot of aspects of or society are in a race to the bottom. Our health and fitness is one of them unfortunately.

You constantly hear that there is not enough money spent on the NHS. What I think we really need to be asking ourselves is why so many of us need the NHS? Surely a good percentage of the NHS's costs are spent on things that could have been avoidable? This needs to be addressed and urgently. Someone brave needs to tell us straight that we are a massively unhealthy nation and to save the NHS we need to take more personal responsibility for our selves and our own health rather than thinking that whatever is wrong with us the good old NHS will sort it out.

40somethingJBJ Wed 06-May-20 09:00:46

It’s certainly given me a kick up the arse to sort my weight out! I’m disabled, and a combination of various medications, an under active thyroid and a severe lack of mobility has caused the weight to pile on over the last couple of years - I’m now about 6 stone overnight. The first few weeks of lockdown, I ate and ate, but I’ve overhauled my diet now and I’m determined to try and get some off. It helps that I’ve not set foot in a shop in 8 weeks, so having to only shop online once a week, which limits the amount of crap we’ve got in the house!

Notcontent Wed 06-May-20 09:03:25

I don’t need to lose weight but the virus has spurred me on look after myself more - daily exercise and better diet. I am mid 40s and I suddenly realised I need to do something about my fitness now - not just talk about doing something “one day”.

Anniesnotmydaddy Wed 06-May-20 09:25:10

I'm in my 50s and am overweight but not obese. This has been a wake up call for me as I was kidding myself that I was fat but fit as my job was very active. I've got no work at the moment so I am trying to exercise every day and have made a conscious effort to eat more healthily. Not really less but better choices. I've been drinking more though, but I can tackle that later once out of lockdown.

I haven't weighed myself but think I've probably lost about half a stone and my clothes are looser. I feel better about myself already and this has been the kick up the backside I needed.

Peggysgettingcrazy Wed 06-May-20 09:44:46

I think the difference between the covid health implications of being over weight and general health implication is time.

When you are over weight the main risks are potentially years away. You can always start to do something next week, or next year, or Monday.

But with covid we are being told 'this could cause you to die if you get covid, which could happen any moment'

Its current, its all the news is about, its something that we all could catch today. Not something that may or may not cause a health problem in a decade.

oohnicevase Wed 06-May-20 10:08:02

Is your pain because of your thyroid ? I have soo much pain and Hashimoto's . No one knows why the pain .

40somethingJBJ Wed 06-May-20 10:10:11

@oohnicevase I’ve got degenerative discs as well, which is the main cause of my lack of mobility, plus some weakness on my left side from a brain injury 6 years ago. I’m falling to bits grin

oohnicevase Wed 06-May-20 10:15:11

@40somethingJBJ .. same with the discs .. but the pain is in my legs mainly .. I'm not on medication for my thyroid at the mo because I'm trying a few and thyroxine makes me anxious ! 🙄

40somethingJBJ Wed 06-May-20 10:40:30

@oohnicevase same with my legs. I’ve always put it down to the way my back is having a knock on effect on my legs. I hurt all over and I’m exhausted all the time sad I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia as well, but that was a diagnosis after nobody could find out what was causing the pain levels. Also just found out, after a recent blood test, that my white blood cell count is 4x what it should be, so that’s under investigation. Would love just one day of feeling normal!

Sleepyquest Wed 06-May-20 10:47:24

I'm 'obese'. I used to be 3 stone heavier though! Lost a lot of weight but have recently had a baby so put on some. Now is the time where I was going to go back to weight watchers but at the moment, our comfort seems to be food. The world is shite but we can have a nice dinner. I don't know how I'd lose weight at the mo sad but I'm terrified of the link so I really need to do something!

oohnicevase Wed 06-May-20 10:47:29

@40somethingJBJ .. same .. nice to find someone else the same as me as no one understands it .. I have pain every day and have to live with it .

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