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Top British Corona scientist breaks lockdown rules: arrogance or knows something we dont?

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IceCreamRoro Wed 06-May-20 06:10:55

He is an expert on CV and broke social distancing rules.

Is he arrogant or knows something we dont?

The Scottish health minister did so earlier.

Why are they not sticking to this?

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FortunesFave Wed 06-May-20 06:14:18

Have you got a link? People have no idea what you're talking about.

Peggysgettingcrazy Wed 06-May-20 06:16:58

His excuse is that he had it so was immune.

Fact is even if he knows immunity is a thing, its still not OK.

Let's me be fair, he is shagging a married woman. He isnt a man of high morals.

I get that his study was based on the information available. But let's be honest, he wanted his name in the papers again. A very high number, achieved that. And I believe his ego was, at least a small part, of why the number was so big.

He has a big ego and was thinking with his dick.

Peggysgettingcrazy Wed 06-May-20 06:17:44

People have no idea what you're talking about.

Some people might not. But its all over the news this morning.

IceCreamRoro Wed 06-May-20 06:18:18

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Whaddyathinkofthis Wed 06-May-20 06:18:52

Speak for yourself, Fortunes

OP I suspect it's the same as the majority of people. He knows what the rules are, he knows why they are there and that if the majority of people follow them for the majority of the time, then lockdown will 'work'.

In reality, people make their own assessments and judgements based upon their own lives and circumstances.

He may well be maintaining SD 98% of the time but, in this respect, had a conversation about the likelihood of actual risk and made a decision based upon that.

Some people will make similar assessments and apply even stricter measures to their lives - as we have seen on this board one.

BroomstickOfLove Wed 06-May-20 06:24:01

He was human and cocked up and met up with his girlfriend., Having already recovered from probable Covid-19 in March. And he's an expert in the mathematics of how diseases spread across a population, rather than an expert on the disease itself.

DDemelza Wed 06-May-20 06:25:24

His track record is shocking.

IceCreamRoro Wed 06-May-20 06:27:25

And he's an expert in the mathematics of how diseases spread across a population, rather than an expert on the disease itself

So? Point still stands.

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justanotherneighinparadise Wed 06-May-20 06:27:26

It just smacks of massive arrogance, not a conspiracy theory.

Bearbehind Wed 06-May-20 06:28:15

He was human and cocked up and met up with his girlfriend.

His married girlfriend

Lumisade Wed 06-May-20 06:29:28

He had coronavirus, he self isolated and recovered. He then met up with his girlfriend. Who cares? He wasn't putting anyone at risk.

Bool Wed 06-May-20 06:32:27

Doesn’t bode well tho when somebody with a character like his tries for his 15 mins of fame by shouting about 500,000 people dying. Worries me now that he has discredited himself completely.

Bool Wed 06-May-20 06:33:16

You realise we are all in an economically crippling lockdown because of the figures he shouted about.

EdwinaMay Wed 06-May-20 06:35:30

She is very attractive. She normally lives with her husband and family.
According to the Telegraph.
No sympathy.

Bearbehind Wed 06-May-20 06:37:02

Who cares? He wasn't putting anyone at risk.

I suspect her husband and children may disagree

IceCreamRoro Wed 06-May-20 06:37:47

His mistress, Antonia Staats visited him twice and went back to her home where she lives with her husband and children. It's not just them two taking a risk.

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Lumisade Wed 06-May-20 06:37:55

He hasn't discredited himself at all. His private life has no effect on the validity of his scientific papers that he worked on through collaborating with his whole team at Imperial.

You need a scientific reason if you want to query his science, not just some judgements on his private life.

Lumisade Wed 06-May-20 06:39:05

He's had the virus. He's probably (very highly likely) immune. He put no one at risk.

IceCreamRoro Wed 06-May-20 06:40:01

And the twice part is what we know of.

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Lumisade Wed 06-May-20 06:40:27

And apparently his girlfriend is in an open marriage. I'm sure worse things happen in people's private lives but then I'm not a Daily Mail reader so I don't actually care.

lboogy Wed 06-May-20 06:40:41

He is discredited when he lets a woman with children and a husband visit him possibly taking back a disease to a husband and children who had no part in their duplicity. He could be an asymptotic carrier. He's an absolute disgrace and so is she

EdwinaMay Wed 06-May-20 06:42:49

I can't visit my mum but she can visit her lover.
No, not on.

EdwinaMay Wed 06-May-20 06:46:08

There's such a shortage of news.
I looked up Antonia Staats on google and the headline is worldwide.

SureTry Wed 06-May-20 06:46:06

It doesn't matter whether he's put anyone at risk or not. What he's done now, is give people an excuse to do the same. There have been a lot of threads on here with people saying I've been in isolation for x amount of weeks, my mum's been home for 7 weeks can I see her? Everyone piles on that person and says, no you can't!
Well now he's done it, won't this now encourage people to make their own decision and do the same?

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