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Will schools go back in June and will we get summer holidays?

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overweightcat Tue 05-May-20 20:09:23

Just wondering really, read that schools might be going back June/July if that's the case does that mean no 6 week holidays this year because we effectively had it already?

DS is in reception so would be moving up to year 1 surely there would be no point in sending them to school for a few weeks to then have another 6 week break?

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Letseatgrandma Tue 05-May-20 20:10:33

When have you had a 6 week holiday? My children are still working.

LumpySpacedPrincess Tue 05-May-20 20:11:35

No holidays here.

Kids are working and teachers are working.

Nomaj Tue 05-May-20 20:11:41

Summer holidays will happen as normal.

The rest is unknown.

Barbie222 Tue 05-May-20 20:13:57

We're not on holiday?

SE13Mummy Tue 05-May-20 20:16:09

Reception children may feel as though they've had their holiday but my Y6 and Y10 children most certainly don't feel the same! Nor do DH and I - we're both teachers and are working.

Piixxiiee Tue 05-May-20 20:17:13

I think primary school wont go back and yes we'll have the hols. Teachers are working now and their 6 weeks hols are in contract.

RigaBalsam Tue 05-May-20 20:19:41

Gavin Williamson has said the summer holidays will go a head.

An MP has suggested OFSTED inspectors and graduates volunteer for catch up for PP kids but that seems more the older years.

Also kids and teachers are working.

overweightcat Tue 05-May-20 20:21:35

I know kids/teachers still working I didn't mean an actual holiday just in a "we've already had six weeks away" kind of thing. We're homeschooling and working here.

If schools go back kid June or something then break up again in July will it have any point?

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IHateCoronavirus Tue 05-May-20 20:22:17

Teacher here. I have no idea if we will go back (waiting for government announcement). Also, I have been working non-stop since lockdown began. I wasn’t even given Easter Holidays this year due to caring for Key Worker children. My children often have also been getting school work done each day including my child in the EYFS.

CoronaIsComing Tue 05-May-20 20:22:49

DS (10) certainly hasn’t had 6 weeks off! I think schools will go back for a few weeks and then yes, they’ll have the summer holidays are usual. If children had to go to school in the summer, which school would DS go to: back to his Primary or on to his Secondary?

DrMadelineMaxwell Tue 05-May-20 20:25:00

OMG. These nuggets again!

1 - No one knows yet, papers were spouting theories to garner interest.

2 - Yes. It has already been clarified that the summer holidays will not be used as 'catch up time'.

LisaSimpsonsbff Tue 05-May-20 20:26:32

The date that is currently floating around is right after half term so it would give a whole half term back before the summer. If that is what happens then surely that's a worthwhile chunk of time - it's not like it normally feels like a half term is so short that you might as well not bother!

StoorieHoose Tue 05-May-20 20:27:37

Schools in Scotland certainly won't be back in July

CurlyEndive Tue 05-May-20 20:30:05

Say the schools go back after half term, that would definitely be worth it. That’s one-sixth of the school year!

YgritteSnow Tue 05-May-20 20:32:28

This has not been a holiday for us. Dd - year 8 has worked four hours plus every day since lockdown started and needed a great deal of support to do so as she's autistic. I cannot wait for the summer holidays!

Snuggles81 Tue 05-May-20 20:32:44

Firstly no one has had a 6 week holiday so far and the government have already said the summer holidays aren't changing.

Secondly government haven't yet decided what they want us schools to do but as a teacher and if safe to do so, I would like all children to have some time in school (however that will be) before the summer holidays for their own well being. To be able to have some transitions before moving to a new class/teacher, March to September is a long time for young children.
This may not be possible or the plan but it is one reason for going back.

pfrench Tue 05-May-20 20:39:54

No one knows.

This hasn't been time 'off', teachers have been working, some in school some at home. We didn't get an Easter break, some of us were in school the whole way through it.

Summer holidays are going to be a challenge for childcare.

gonzales27 Tue 05-May-20 20:40:14

So irritated by all the people stealth boasting talking about how their children have not been on holiday!

Me and DH are both working full time from home and doing the best we can with reasonably well behaved children.

BUT it's no where near what they would have been learning at school and I suspect many other children with less available parents have been learning even less.

Should we just let these kids fall further behind just because you managed to nail the homeschooling!

OxanaVorontsova Tue 05-May-20 20:41:11

FFS who on earth has had a 6 week holiday??

Hadenoughfornow Tue 05-May-20 20:46:07

Well my Reception child might want to be on holiday but he's certainly still being schooled

Much to his annoyance and my exasperation.

But lots of video lessons / video messages / phonics /online reading / for him to complete.

Fun when I am working at the same time, but we will manage as long as we need too.

Got an older one who wants help too. So yeah it's no holiday. Bloody exhausting.

And the amount of work the teachers in our school is phenomenal. They are definitely not on holiday.

Letseatgrandma Tue 05-May-20 20:48:41

Should we just let these kids fall further behind just because you managed to nail the homeschooling!

What do you want to happen then?

Canadianpancake Tue 05-May-20 20:48:42

The last half of the summer term is really important for transition.

Hadenoughfornow Tue 05-May-20 20:48:46

gonzales its not really a holiday for the kids though is it.

How many holidays do they normally have when they are plonked in front of the TV?

And there's really not a lot you can do when you are working. You support them when you can. We will have to work through the weekend to ensure we can get next weeks schoolwork done due to work commitments.

pfrench Tue 05-May-20 20:50:01

Should we just let these kids fall further behind just because you managed to nail the homeschooling!

I'm a teacher and I'm doing almost fuck all homeschooling for my own child. No time. She's watching a lot of TV, using apps and jumping on a trampoline.

Everything taught now will have to be retaught - engagement in home schooling is hovering around 30% nationally, even private secondary schools are only looking at 57%.

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