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UC, lockdown and a new baby! Help!

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LangClegsInSpace Thu 07-May-20 21:09:06

Oh yes I'd forgotten about that.

The benefit cap almost certainly wouldn't affect you anyway OP, it's a limit to the maximum amount of benefit you can claim regardless of what you would otherwise be entitled to. It mostly affects large families in high rent properties.

For those who have previously been earning a certain amount there's a grace period of 9 months before it's applied.

november90 Thu 07-May-20 19:49:22

Thank you both! I rang them up and explained and they said to just put my earnings on and that they would note my claim. Apparently it was due to a benifit cap (not sure what that is) but it seems odd basing it on last year as hmrc report my earnings each month anyway!

But thank you for the help, I do appreciate it. I feel so lost with all of this!

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8dayweek Thu 07-May-20 19:14:11

They need it because prior Earnings can give you a "grace period" / exemption from the Benefit Cap. Can you estimate?

LangClegsInSpace Thu 07-May-20 19:02:12

I don't know why they would want that. Are either or both of you self employed? Do you have any shared business interests or assets?

If not I would say 'I do not have access to that information because I have been separated from my husband since [date] and there are no shared finances. Please could you explain why you need this?'

Don't forget to claim child benefit too. If you're not able to register the birth for the time being put a note on the application form.

Have you applied for council tax reduction? You claim that through your local authority.

november90 Tue 05-May-20 21:29:27

Thank you everyone, I really do appreciate the replies and advice.

Has anyone else here been asked to provide last years earnings this month? Me and my husband have split (he walked out on me at 23 weeks pregnant) hence why I am claiming UC and it's asking for both of our earnings for last year! We didn't have a shared account and he didn't get a standard pay every month so I do not have access to his financial information. He's been quite finically and verbally abusive towards me during our breakup particularly about money and I do not feel comfortable at all reaching out to him to get this information sad

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Babyroobs Tue 05-May-20 19:42:59

It will go up by £235.83 per month from what you get now.

LangClegsInSpace Tue 05-May-20 19:18:29

UC is made up of a standard allowance and additional elements. The big variable is housing costs. You can get a reasonable idea of what you'll get using a benefits calculator:

You can do it twice, with and without the new baby.

There's an explanation of the different elements here:

LangClegsInSpace Tue 05-May-20 19:12:05

Go on your account and do a change of circumstances as soon as possible after the birth, especially if you are coming up to a new assessment period. You'll get the new amount for the whole of the assessment period in which you register the change of circumstances.

For example, if your assessment period runs from the 10th of the month to the 9th of the next month and your baby is born on the 8th May, if you register the change of circs before 10/05/20 you will get the extra child element for the whole period 10/04/20 - 09/05/20. Leave it a couple of days later and you've lost a month's child element.

When you get the baby registered, ask on your online journal for them to create a 'to-do' with a link so you can upload a photo of the birth certificate. Otherwise you'll have to send a copy to the freepost address. They may not pay the extra child element until they receive the birth certificate but when they do it should be backdated to the month in which you reported the change.

Teenangels Tue 05-May-20 18:54:27

With UC, no ones amount is exactly the same as rent, if you have a partner etc is taken into account.

TeddyIsaHe Tue 05-May-20 18:53:51

UC aren’t asking for any proof of anything atm, doing on a trust basis. When things calm down again you’ll go in and have your appointment. Don’t worry!

And congratulations on your baby smile

Gammeldragz Tue 05-May-20 18:52:17

I think UC don't require registration at the moment as it isn't happening in most areas, just being deferred, but check with your local office just in case.

november90 Tue 05-May-20 18:26:23

My baby is due next week so I'll need to update Universal credit as I'll have a new baby. Obviously I won't be able to get him registered for some time... has anyone been in this boat? Does UC have contingency plans in place or have they made it difficult?

Whilst I'm here, does anyone know the typical payment from UC when you have 2 children and are being paid statutory maternity pay? First child is 3.

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