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Would you administer first aid/mouth to mouth?

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Coldemort Tue 05-May-20 16:38:34

Was in the queue for tesco and suddenly felt extremely dizzy/light headed. I had a sit down and luckily it passed, but did get me wondering what would happen if someone fainted/passed out in front of you? Would you administer first aid yourself (not knowing the health condition of the person?)
Just a hypothetical moral dilemma!

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kissmysass Tue 05-May-20 16:41:13

You wouldn't administer mouth to mouth unless someone wasn't breathing.. just because someone faints doesn't mean they've stopped breathing. But to answer your question, yes, if needed, I'd administer first aid.

AstonishingMouse Tue 05-May-20 16:45:04

First aid and chest compressions, yes
Mouth to mouth resuscitation - probably not
It is much better to do chest compressions only than no CPR at all

Saucery Tue 05-May-20 16:45:42

Not mouth to mouth, no.

foodtoorder Tue 05-May-20 16:47:13

Resus guidelines aren't to only give cheat compressions, I'm a health care professional in the community and that applies to us too.
So no, def not mouth to mouth.

foodtoorder Tue 05-May-20 16:48:03

Sorry that's only chest compressions

Littlebelina Tue 05-May-20 16:49:30

I've seen guidance to do compression only CPR at the moment (due to the pandemic). Will see if I can find link

Littlebelina Tue 05-May-20 16:51:53

This is the guidance I've seen

IncrediblySadToo Tue 05-May-20 16:53:53

@foodtoorder has your phone changed what you wrote? It looks like you intended to say Resus Guidelines ARE only to give chest compressions

@Coldemort. I'm first aid trained and I'd do what I could, yes (and I'm washing my shopping! So I'd assume most who could, would, too). If necessary (you're not breathing) I'd start with chest compressions, but I'd do m2m if I thought it was necessary. Reminds me, I need to replace my key ring mouth shield!

IncrediblySadToo Tue 05-May-20 16:54:39

X post @foodtoorder

ScarfLadysBag Tue 05-May-20 16:56:16

Yes, I don't think you're (as in generic member of the public) advised to give mouth to mouth any more anyway, are you? From way before lockdown. It's just chest compressions.

ShowOfHands Tue 05-May-20 16:57:27

I carry a mouth shield in my bag after having to give first aid to somebody who had stopped breathing. So yes I would.

Any idea why you were dizzy? Is that normal for you?

ScarfLadysBag Tue 05-May-20 16:58:00

Wasn't that the purpose of those 'Staying Alive' adverts with Vinnie Jones? It was to promote hands-only CPR?

ladypete Tue 05-May-20 17:23:39


I did an (online) first aid course recently to brush up as it’s been a while and it definitely still said 2 rescue breaths followed by 30 chest compressions, and repeat.

Interesting to know this is not the done thing anymore! Does anyone have any links? I’d quite like to query this part of the course with the company’s it’s possibly out of date info.

ScarfLadysBag Tue 05-May-20 17:34:41

I think if you've been trained in CPR then you are encouraged to do m2m, but the general public without training are encouraged to just do hands-on CPR. I suspect that's mostly just so that they do something instead of nothing, as mouth to mouth is probably off-putting to people, so focusing on hands-on CPR makes more sense.

Dyrne Tue 05-May-20 17:34:47

No the guidance is still (normally, pre-COVID) is to give rescue breaths as well as chest compressions.

The Vinnie Jones ad was simply to spread the message that anything was better than nothing, so to encourage people that might not want to do mouth to mouth that they can still attempt chest compressions.

If you do a first aid course you’re taught the full lot as that is more effective.

ScarfLadysBag Tue 05-May-20 17:35:55

The NHS guidance says rescue breaths if you've been trained and are confident using those skills.

Dancingbythelightofthemoon2020 Tue 05-May-20 17:39:00

Yes I would because if someone wasn't breathing then they would die. They may have covid or other transmissible disease.I may catch it.I may catch it severely enough to die...however they will likely die if I don't act.

Dyrne Tue 05-May-20 17:40:54

Oh and to answer the question - I would still do first aid on someone I saw that needed it. As PP have said, The rescusitation council released guidance for COVID which essentially is to Chuck a cloth over the persons face and not do mouth to mouth.

ladypete Tue 05-May-20 17:50:52

Makes sense - thank you.

zscaler Tue 05-May-20 18:31:20

Yes, if someone wasn’t breathing.

Sparklfairy Tue 05-May-20 18:34:38

Strange, I thought about this the other week. I was coming out of the supermarket and an elderly lady stumbled on the pavement. She didn't fall, but my automatic reaction (I was some distance from her) was to go towards her to help/check she was ok/offer to help with her bags. Then I remembered social distancing and wondered if she had fallen, what people around the fairly busy supermarket would do.

PineappleDanish Tue 05-May-20 18:35:12

Absolutely I would. I (and another shopper) helped an old guy who slipped and fell outside the local Co-Op this weekend. Neither of us were going to stand back as he lay on the floor, in pain and unable to get up.

jomaIone Tue 05-May-20 18:36:24

I'm an ex nurse and wouldn't give mouth to mouth unless I had the right equipment. Someone may be sick, have herpes, have some other transmittable disease, who knows.

I would just do compressions until the ambulance arrived.

Greenandcabbagelooking Tue 05-May-20 18:39:38

I’d do first aid, and CPR if necessary. I’d do mouth to mouth if a cloth could be found quickly.

The other thing is that the advice for children not breathing is five breaths first then compressions, because it’s more likely to be a respiratory issue than a cardiac one in children. I’d do breaths on a child though.

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