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Snorkelface Tue 05-May-20 10:50:16

HMRC has added a few updates for the self employed grant scheme.

While HMRC will be contacting eligible claimants directly over the next couple of weeks with more specific details you can now see if you're eligible to claim and what date you'll be able to lodge your claim by using their on-line tool (about half way down their web page).

You'll need your UTR and NI number to do this and it will also give you the opportunity to set up your Gateway account if you don't already have one and to update your contact details. It's a good idea to set this up now as the website is likely to get very busy when it goes live on 13th May.

You can find both your UTR and NI number on your tax return. If you're setting up your Gateway at the same time you'll need to provide email/mobile details and you'll need to set up additional security measures to identify you using either security questions or drivers license details or your passport. The system can time out so it's a good idea to have all the details to hand.

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pobparker Tue 05-May-20 12:05:19

thanks for the info
just checked and I am eligible to apply on 13/5
Have also just applied for a bounce back loan

PilatesPeach Tue 05-May-20 12:06:40


Glenthebattleostrich Tue 05-May-20 12:10:22

Thanks. I can apply on 14th!

Snorkelface Tue 05-May-20 12:16:20

Fingers crossed this is all going to be as straight forward as it currently appears!

Also when you do lodge your claim you will need bank details for a BACS payment to be made by HMRC and will need to confirm that your business/Self employed income has been adversely affected.

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ThePittts Tue 05-May-20 12:23:46

Just got an email regarding this, and checked can apply from midday on 15th May

PilatesPeach Tue 05-May-20 12:30:46

They seem to be staggering the days and times we can apply - I'm midday on 14th. Guess they don't want to be overwhelmed.

Orangeblossom78 Tue 05-May-20 12:42:05

Can i ask about the Gateway details, I set up tax credits for our family but DH is self it the same details for him as i use for the tax credits or does he need a separate new one do you know? Thanks

LeFluffyPants Tue 05-May-20 13:01:02

Many thanks OP! I can put in my claim from 14th so yes it does seem they’re staggering them out. Fingers crossed it goes smoothly for us all!

LeFluffyPants Tue 05-May-20 13:02:35

Sorry Orangeblossom I’m not sure about the tax credits - hopefully this will bump the thread and someone more knowledgable will be along to help!

Snorkelface Tue 05-May-20 13:11:47

Good question Orangeblossom - not really sure. You could give it a go and see what happens. It will be an account attached to your husbands UTR and NI number if he's the only one claiming the self employed grant.

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DoctorMarten Tue 05-May-20 13:12:25

Thanks! I’m the 16th

IFancyANamechange Tue 05-May-20 13:13:13

Says my DP is ineligible. He fits the criteria, so we’ve had to ask for a review.

So worrying.

Snorkelface Tue 05-May-20 13:17:07

IFancyANameChange - really hope you get it sorted. If it was just their website telling you that there's always a chance it might be a glitch. It told me I didn't exist at all yesterday for a while and then totally crashed.

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Orangeblossom78 Tue 05-May-20 13:17:15

Would this money go into next tax year for income I suppose, as it is taxable and after April?

Snorkelface Tue 05-May-20 13:19:55

Yes, that's the plan. It will be treated as income for 20/21 so tax and NI will be owing at a later date (presuming life goes back to normal and everyone gets to earn some money again)

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ChrissieKeller61 Tue 05-May-20 13:20:57

@Orangeblossom78 I have different gateway numbers for self assessment
@IFancyANamechange I got the same ... heart sank but I cannot believe it’s the case so I’ve asked for a review ... did DH get an email by any chance ?

Orangeblossom78 Tue 05-May-20 13:27:03

I have different gateway numbers for self assessment

Ok thanks

Bimbleberries Tue 05-May-20 13:27:55

I wonder what happens if you normally record income when you earn it, instead of when you get paid (like me - I earn each week, but get paid in lump installments each term, so I always record it as it is earned). I then pay tax on the amount earned each month, regardless of when it's paid - which works out evenly over the year(s). But this time, I wonder if I will be able to record the March component of the grant in the 19-20 tax return, as it was my March income that was affected, and then the April/May components for the 20-21 tax years. If I wait and declare it all for the 20-21 tax year, then it may look like I've earned more than year, and less for 19-20, and it will look like I didn't actually need to apply for any of the grant.

Orangeblossom78 Tue 05-May-20 13:28:01

Also for anyone with tax credits this money is counted as income there also, they are doing renewals automatically this year and just sent out letters about this.

ScarfLadysBag Tue 05-May-20 13:31:13

Plenty of people use the traditional method of recording for accounting @Bimbleberries so I wouldn't worry about it as everyone who does will be in the same boat. I don't think it'll be as black and white as that, particularly as they haven't even given any objective criteria for demonstrating need.

Snorkelface Tue 05-May-20 13:32:17

Bimbleberries - I'm confused. Your 19-20 self assessment tax return should be done and dusted by now and they'll be basing what you can get on what figures you've already declared.

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ScarfLadysBag Tue 05-May-20 13:32:46

To those who are ineligible, if you give a quick précis of your circumstances we might be able to help.

This was the criteria they published previously:

To apply, you must be a self-employed individual or a member of a partnership and:

traded in the tax year 2019-20 and intend to continue trading in 2020-21

have trading profits of less than £50,000 a year earn the majority of your income (ie 50% or more) through self-employment

have filed a tax return for the 2018-19 tax year. Anyone who missed the 31 January deadline has four weeks from 26 March to file their 2018-19 return and benefit from the scheme.

ScarfLadysBag Tue 05-May-20 13:34:51

@Snorkelface The 19-20 year has literally just finished. Tax returns aren't due till Jan and they aren't using that data. We have just begun the 20-22 tax year.

It's 18-19 that is the key year for tax returns - you just need to have been trading in 19-20, not filed a return for it.

ScarfLadysBag Tue 05-May-20 13:35:14

*20-21, not 22!

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