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Im sure ive had Covid 19 early February

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Pinnacular Tue 05-May-20 12:15:13

I very much thought I'd had it in Feb. I was lucky to get a serology test as part of a clinical trial and I had no antibodies, so highly unlikely. I think there were other similar but less deadly viruses circulating.

LuckyAmy1986 Tue 05-May-20 11:58:10

I would put money on having had it back in Feb. I was diagnosed with pneumonia. It fits with Covid 19 completely and I have never had anything like it before, my DD also had something which the doctors couldn't diagnose and they were actually really worried about her, she was covered in a complete rash which they said didn't fit with anything, bad cough, temp etc. My DH who is NEVER ill also developed a bad cough. I really think we have had it.

heckythump01 Tue 05-May-20 11:27:10

me too! I was so ill, I was off work for over 2 weeks which ive never done........but got told it was a viral infection! im not convinced! I had extreme fatigue, aches and pains, off food, loss of smell and taste, laboured breathing.........

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bottlenose301 Tue 05-May-20 10:03:07

Regardless if I had it though, I'm sure the disease was in this country before the first official reported case. But classed as flu instead.

bottlenose301 Tue 05-May-20 10:00:54

My one was so weird, seemingly out of no where, flu symptoms. I was driving home from work and mid drive I suddenly felt terrible and got home and took myself to bed. I'd been ok all day.
It was so out of the blue that I thought it was a side effect to some pills I started taking and contacted my doctor but they said I've probably caught something while travelling to or from Spain. They weren't worried about Coronavirus as I hadn't been to Wuhan and just told me to drink lots of fluid and plenty of rest.
The only doubt in my mind is I live with my parents and DD plus I had been to work and to my knowledge no one got it from me.

TheFaerieQueene Tue 05-May-20 09:56:48

I think I had it then too. Fairly mild symptoms compared to posts above, but definitely cv-19 type.

Haworthia Tue 05-May-20 09:55:00

The news that France have found a case from late Dec is very interesting. I too was really ill the first week of Feb. High fever (nearly passed out on the way to the bathroom), extreme fatigue, no sense of smell/taste, night sweats, coughing up blood flecked phlegm. It could have been some other virus... but I wonder.

bottlenose301 Tue 05-May-20 09:51:09

I think I had it too end of Feb, I was sick shortly after returning from Spain and I too went to doctors, shops etc. But I did stay bed bound for 5 days or so. Also I didn't give it to my family who I live with or work colleagues so I'm not 100% convinced.
I mentioned it to doctors but back then all they were interested in is if I had been to Wuhan.

heckythump01 Tue 05-May-20 09:48:10

If i have! ive been to the docs, hospital, shopping, work at school, ect! all whilst possibly being wonder this is spreading! my doctor made me feel like a time waster when i went feeling rotten.


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