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Can’t book a test

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DuaneDibbley Tue 05-May-20 08:49:35

Has anyone managed to book a test online? It just says capacity reached, come back tomorrow, even at 8am?!

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Unravellingslowly Tue 05-May-20 22:54:42

Yes I had my test today.

I guess it depends on the area you are in, I know a colleague also tried to book a little later than me and it had changed to the nearest available test being 134 miles away!

I have no idea why they go so quickly -lab testing capacity maybe?-the place was deserted when I went, I only saw 3 other cars.

Set your alarm for 6:30am maybe?
Good luck.

BloodyWorried Tue 05-May-20 23:04:27

We managed super late in the evening but for 100 miles away!

Layladylay234 Tue 05-May-20 23:14:03

Try again at random times throughout the day. For a good few hours on Sunday,the only placed that were showing were 80 miles away. Then in the afternoon,loads came up at my local ones and one within a 30 mile radius.

DuaneDibbley Wed 06-May-20 15:33:59

I had my test this morning

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TheGreatWave Wed 06-May-20 15:59:23

I booked one yesterday. My nearest centre said one slot available, but wouldn't then show up. I kind of went back out and it was then saying 180+ tests available, so no idea.

sunglasses123 Wed 06-May-20 16:01:54

Are you looking for a drive through one or a one sent through the post (which is more difficult to get?). I have checked a few times because I am nosy and there were always drive through ones available in England. The postal ones were never available.

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