France lockdown 2 - vers un deconfinement

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CroissantsAtDawn Tue 05-May-20 07:40:04

2nd thread discussing the lockdown in France and the impending deconfinement...

First thread here:

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Frenchfancy Tue 05-May-20 07:47:29

Thanks for the new thread.

Gfplux Tue 05-May-20 07:49:32

Checking in from just over the border in Luxembourg.
Final year of secondary school went back on Monday. Hope to be able to post some feedback in due course.

BriocheBriocheBrioche Tue 05-May-20 07:50:36

Thanks for the new thread.
I am dreaming about going for a a walk in the forest on Monday!

BurneyFanny Tue 05-May-20 07:54:28

Thanks :-) our schools are only opening for enfants prioritaires which our two won’t be, although practically no-one round here wants their kids to go back and we do. I heard something interesting on the Telly about a correlation between level of parental education and being happy with the level of risk in schools, which seems to be playing out locally.

BriocheBriocheBrioche Tue 05-May-20 08:01:21

We decided to put our eldest in because she has ‘difficulties’ and she was one of 14 so the plan was for all the children to go back 4 days.

Yesterday we had an email saying that class sizes are being reduced to 12 so the children will be on a rota but everything can still change between now and the 25th.

NomadNoMore Tue 05-May-20 08:05:04

Thanks. I have two things to look forward to next week, Lidl and a haircut.

My house is in an orange area but the road is in green. Hoping the announcement on the 7th doesn't make life too complicated.

heylittlehenwhenwhenwhen Tue 05-May-20 08:14:20

Thank you for the new thread. Hadn't said much on the tail of the old one as I don't have kids in school.

@NomadNoMore - yes to Lidl and a haircut, but can I add Action to the list please?

NomadNoMore Tue 05-May-20 08:21:12

@heylittlehenwhenwhenwhen yes, me too! I'm running out of random crap I didn't know I needed, as well as cleaning stuff!

I'm very rural and only have one not very large supermarket. Some of the prices are ridiculous, stuff like liquid detergent. The choice of food has been limited with veg seasonal in the extreme. We've been lucky that there's no panic buying or shortages but my diet has been very dull.

mamansnet Tue 05-May-20 08:52:58

Thanks for the new thread, and roll on Monday!! DH is starting back at work, DS is in school in the morning and the local forests are reopening, so looking forward to seeing some green space, finally. Midwife on Monday, pedicure on Tuesday, forest walk on Wednesday, might try for a haircut on Thursday...

We're in IDF so red zone but already seeing more and more people out and about. Can't believe we'll have actually managed EIGHT WEEKS of lockdown, even if life is far from being back to normal.

FancyPants20 Tue 05-May-20 09:01:33

We still haven't heard about DD's school. I have a few of the ATSEMs in her school on FB, though, and they're all complaining about possibly reopening. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they do.

LongPauseNoReply Tue 05-May-20 09:08:51

DH has been told to expect to return to the office in September even though he works over the border in Geneva. There's visibly more traffic on the road and lots more Swiss cars on this side of the border.

We're in 01 so orange zoned for now. DD is in Terminale so no update about when she's back yet.

CroissantsAtDawn Tue 05-May-20 09:21:14

We're in 75. From the 11th my work has split us into blue and red teams - you're only allowed in the office on your team's week. However we've also been told very clearly to work from home as much as possible as all meetings not over Skype/teams are banned so not much point going into the office ans the idea is to avoid transport as much as possible.

No word from school yet. I personally think that there's no point in trying to impose all the gestes barrieres and not open schools if its not possible. We need to do what we can (half classes, lots of hand washing) but just accept we can't have perfection with little ones.

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heylittlehenwhenwhenwhen Tue 05-May-20 09:25:04

I'm very rural and only have one not very large supermarket

Snap. I drove 8 miles to ours yesterday and they were closed for a stocktake sad. Luckily we didn't need anything urgently but there were some very pissed off people in the carpark (and not a single sign in sight).

I love the cleaning products in Action and we are on the last dregs.

It's the little things!

missclimpson Tue 05-May-20 09:52:54

Checking in from soggy Normandy.

Booboostwo Tue 05-May-20 09:55:54

Place marking on the new thread.

Supermarkets have been fine here, rural 81. The only thing that has disappeared are gloves (understandable) and Pain de Mie was gone for a few weeks but is back now. Greengrocers have everything including strawberries and asparagus but we are in the middle of an agricultural area.

Booboostwo Tue 05-May-20 09:56:21

I don;t know how I could have forgotten this: chocolate shortages!!! Is anyone else noticing this?

BurneyFanny Tue 05-May-20 10:54:24

Just heard our maternelle is only opening for kids with parents who can't do télétravail. We both can, so no good for us.

AuldAlliance Tue 05-May-20 11:19:40

I think the opening of schools is proving more hypothetical than we hoped.
Except in Marseille hmm

Frenchfancy Tue 05-May-20 11:32:40

Just back from the supermarket, it was very busy and as I left there were huge queues to get in. Only shortages I found were stock cubes and aubergines.

I've just found out I'm back at work on Monday. I'm delighted. 5 of us in the house all the time, I need some breathing space. This is my part time job that I took on to get a bit more money while we are supporting students. It has become my lifeline -even more so now the tourism business is in free fall.

Frenchfancy Tue 05-May-20 11:33:58

Not so bothered about action, its Noz I'm looking forward to.

KatharinaRosalie Tue 05-May-20 11:37:39

Thanks for the new thread - it really sounds like some schools are looking for problems, not solutions.
Our assistente maternelle said she wont' send her own kids back. Fair enough. But she's fine to take ours and another boy for lunches and evenings, who all will be going back. So surely they will bring all possible viruses back anyway?

I also can't wait to go just for a drive and walk with the DC. We're in red, but not sure what exactly that will mean.

LongPause I work across the border too, and we can gradually return from next week, but they haven't decided yet who and when and how. It will clearly be part time and most people will be working from home most of the time. If I get to go back at least a day or so per week, would be great though. I miss seeing people. But for this of course they need to decide what to do with borders, it's not feasible to check everybody after many people have to start commuting again.

heylittlehenwhenwhenwhen Tue 05-May-20 11:47:31

@Booboostwo waves from 82

@Frenchfancy I've never been to Noz - as a committed Action fan should I?

Watchagotcha Tue 05-May-20 11:50:53

Hi all

Great to see the thread continu.

A friend just told me macron is on telly at 13h today with more info: haven’t checked if she’s correct, or what he is talking about.

AuldAlliance Tue 05-May-20 11:52:44

I have no idea what Noz or Action this a North/South divide?

I'm not sure our mayor is looking for problems, really.
He's aware who will be in the firing line if there is a cluster in our town linked to a school he opened despite being unable, materially, to follow official and legally binding guidelines. I can't stand the man, but I can see his point of view.

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