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What’s going on here?

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AngryBananaSund Mon 04-May-20 16:13:31

Quick background, Two weeks ago FIL was taken into hospital with chest pains and a high temperature. The temperature made them think Covid, but a test came back negative. They decided that the chest pain was a chest infection, and his temperature was normal. More symptoms developed (a cough and breathlessness) but again a test for Covid came back negative. In all, he’s had five tests over two weeks, and only the last one came back positive

So what’s the deal here? Has FIL had Covid all the time but the tests missed it? Has he caught Covid in hospital (even though the symptoms suggested it from day one)?

Whats going on here?

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Wilmalovescake Mon 04-May-20 16:15:16

Well no one can tell you, can they. He might have had some false negatives, or it might be a new infection while he was still low from the last one.

SunbathingDragon Mon 04-May-20 17:35:02

You need to ask his hospital these questions. The likelihood is that you won’t know. Don’t rule out that he could have had another viral illness (lots present with fever) and has been incubating covid-19 from before he was admitted, so not caught it in the hospital and had accurate tests.

Dialdownthedrama Mon 04-May-20 17:42:24

We don't know. But why would repeated negative tests suggest COVID?

AngryBananaSund Mon 04-May-20 21:32:01

Thank you for your replies, we’ve spoken to the hospital but they can only repeat what we already know.

I just find it strange that at a time everyone is talking about testing as a way out of lockdown, it’s taken five tests when the symptoms looked like Covid from the start

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eeeyoresmiles Tue 05-May-20 02:16:58

Lots of negatives before a positive gas

eeeyoresmiles Tue 05-May-20 02:18:28


Lots of negatives before a positive was a feature of this way back when it was mainly in China. The false negative rate is unfortunately quite high.

browzingss Tue 05-May-20 02:20:35

Apparently the test is only 60% accurate and must be completed within a certain time frame, for example 3 days since showing symptoms. It is possible that he caught it in hospital I suppose.

greytminds Tue 05-May-20 02:28:55

My dad has as also according to doctors 100% had COVID. All the symptoms, lung damage so bad he required hospitalisation etc. His GP caught it at the same time, likely that that the surgery was the source of his infection. Yet two tests have come back negative. Nothing to add in terms of advice or suggestions, just sharing a similar experience.

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