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I’m worried I’ve got it!

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SpnBaby1967 Mon 04-May-20 20:12:45

I'm the same. Started Saturday evening with a sore throat and tiredness. Same sunday but mostly powered through.

Today same, sore throat, few episodes of chills and general lethargy. Took my temp and it started normal, then climbed to 37.8 then went back down. Is still higher than my usual base temp though. Now I feel like someone has kicked me in my sternum when I breathe too deeply.

I got tested today so will see in a few days I guess.

C1239 Mon 04-May-20 20:08:13

I guess panicking about it will just make myself feel worse! It’s hard not to worry though!

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Porcupineinwaiting Mon 04-May-20 09:14:25

We, yes, you may have it - or you may have a different virus. If you have COVID mildly then you may never know for sure.

If it is COVID you should expect to feel ill for a couple of weeks, getting worse over the course of the first week (sorry).

C1239 Mon 04-May-20 09:04:34

Hi All
I’ve been feeling off colour since Wednesday and it seems to be getting worse, I’m feeling worried that after telling myself I was just tired and had been trying to do too much with working from home & more than normal exercise everyday that I’d tired myself out.
Wednesday morning woke up feeling tired but made myself do exercise and carried on.
Thursday had body aches and kept going a bit shivery on and off. Thursday night I felt better.
Friday again during the day body aches felt shivery did normal working from home by the evening I felt ok.
Saturday & Sunday hot and cold, body aches, have done nothing really but rested and I’ve woken up again today still feeling tired, body aches and going hot and cold. No cough. Our thermomètre seems to have broken waiting for new one to arrive but when took temperature it was showing 37 or lower. I’m trying to tell myself it could easily just be a cold or something else couldn’t it, just after the amount of resting I’ve done last couple of days I don’t know why it’s not getting better and this morning I’m feeling rough again.

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