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If you were in charge, what would your plan be?

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Purplequalitystreet Sun 03-May-20 21:58:13

Disclaimer: none of us know the full science, unless we have epidemiologists amongst us. So this is based on the info about the virus that has been made public.

It's clear that there are a lot of different opinions on MN, with lots of people saying that lockdown should or shouldn't be lifted now (with (mostly) valid reasons on both sides of the argument). Let's say the current goverment is booted out tomorrow and you're put in charge. What would your plan be? When and how should lockdown be eased?

Personally, I think the number of deaths are still too high to relieve any measures on Thursday. However, I do think we need to get moving again by mid June. I'd maybe lift something tiny to keep spirits up (eg you can exercise more than once a day. I can't see that this would significantly increase the R rate). I'd then move to 2 weekly rather than 3 weekly reviews, with a view to maybe letting people visit each other/ businesses that can easily observe social distancing to open in June, if track and trace can be set up. I'd close the schools until September and ban large events, including weddings, until the end of the year. I'd also provide financial /legal support to vulnerable people so that they could continue to shield if they wished to (if I can find the magic money tree).

What would your plan be?

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LooseleafTea Sun 03-May-20 22:24:15

I would hate to be in this position as you can’t win, when there‘s going to be further damage either way unless a treatment or vaccine can be found .
But I would track in detail where outbreaks are , tracking even earliest possible symptoms where possible given the lag in illness showing - and allow freedoms according to area as I think flexibility has to be key to allowing maximum work normality to resume? Communication will be very important to quickly protect people again where outbreaks are starting .

I would also want all vulnerable people (and does this now include ethnic minorities as it worries me reading about anyone more at risk?) to carry on isolating where it’s at all feasible- or if able to work-wise to only see other select people who are isolating fully too?

It’s hard to get my head round though and I really don’t know the answers. It keeps me awake at night and id hate to be in charge of things as important as these decisions.

Also I wonder whether to some degree there should be flexibility - for some opening schools will feel reasonably safe and right, and for others they might have vulnerable at home or manage both homeschooling and work if one parent can support the schooling . which again would help slow any possible resurgence if there’s less mixing from those who feel able to continue st home ?

RickOShay Sun 03-May-20 22:27:34

I would test and track. Everything apart from trying to find a vaccine would be focused on that.

LooseleafTea Sun 03-May-20 22:32:54

I also think face masks should be mandatory in places where they are helpful. I understand they protect other people from the wearer , rather than protecting the person wearing one, and I think it should become routine to have them certainly in more populated areas

PicklePig31 Sun 03-May-20 22:48:08

Needs to be a clear plan like ROI. In phases so it’s clear and everyone can follow it/the media can’t write ‘what if’ articles.No excuses, clear instructions of what and when....

The specifics I think will look like this:

Primary and nursery kids back first, but reduced days/hours. Secondary kids may be back before the summer but unlikely.

Businesses to open where they can socially distance from May 11th onwards.

I live 200 miles from my family and fully expect to not be able to see them for another 8 weeks, I think we will be restricted from doing so.

WhiteChocTwix Sun 03-May-20 23:10:54

@Purplequalitystreet great question! I agree with much of what you suggested.

I had to go into my local town on Friday to get some medicine for my teeth. I was struck that the staff in my local Boots were wearing PPE. Face shields, masks and gloves. If this was readily available maybe hairdressers and beauticians could restart wearing similar? (I'm fully aware of all the issues with PPE and watch the news all day every day so obviously know that's not the case!) It's been an eternity since I've been to Boots so was very surprised to see this given PPE shortages.

I would also get someone to head up a group to work out how care home residents could safely receive family visits. Even if family had to isolate / be tested before going in. It would make such a difference to residents.

I would encourage businesses to open that could offer an appointment system. That might help alot of independents.

Daisyhoney Mon 04-May-20 06:59:33

If I was in charge,the one thing I would have done that nobody else seems to have thought of is kept the zoos open - this is for two reasons. Firstly for the animals benefit as this is one business where the daily costs are always there and always high as animals don't stop eating or needing care just because the business is closed. They can't be 'put' away like stock in a shop - they are living creatures too and some zoos have even talked of euthanising some animals due to the lack of funds to care for them and that can't ever be right. Secondly social distancing would be easy at zoos as most are vast open spaces and as long as numbers allowed in were controlled and the cafe/gift shop kept closed,it would be very doable and would give the zoo vital funds and people somewhere pleasant to visit instead of just going to the local park.
I also would have put all animal care staff including vets,zookeepers etc down as keyworkers.

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