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scooter125 Sun 03-May-20 19:00:00

I live with my partner and her adult daughter, 21, who has ''mental health'' issues. She had a boyfriend and it all ended very badly, physical fights, knife threats, throwing furniture etc, now he's back with her so it seems. I guess that with the lockdown neither of them have had sex with anyone for a while so past enmity has been set aside for expediency. He turned up and stayed the night and may be here for some time despite restrictions. Her mother lets this spoilt little brat have anything she wants, I've been told in no uncertain terms that if I say a word against it I'm out on my ear, its my partners house so its her rules. Yay!

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Goawayquickly Sun 03-May-20 20:19:58

I don't blame her, it's her daughter

Cheesecake53 Sun 03-May-20 20:49:29

What Goawayquickly said.

CurlyEndive Sun 03-May-20 20:51:34

Sounds like it's time for you to start making plans to leave OP.

Bearbehind Sun 03-May-20 20:54:31

The thread title and just about every word in your post make me form a not very positive opinion of you OP

Go elsewhere if that’s what you want

Dialdownthedrama Sun 03-May-20 20:54:36

I'm sure they'll all be relieved if you leave.

Unravellingslowly Sun 03-May-20 20:58:41

its my partners house so its her rules

Not much of a partnership is it? Is this a relationship you actually want to stay in?

Please dont minimise mental health issues by putting quotation marks. I can almost picture you using air quotes When talking about mental health issues.

You might get a better response if you ask for this to be moved to relationships

maa1992 Sun 03-May-20 21:05:47

Some of these replies are unnecessary.

You should have a say, you're partners.

Bearbehind Sun 03-May-20 21:08:35

Why are the replies unecessary when the OP has put mental health issues in quotation marks and called the daughter a spoilt little brat?

Laiste Sun 03-May-20 21:09:09

In principal it seems unfair that you don't get a say, however - the tone of your post suggests that you're not that much of a peach to live with either. Sorry.

Sounds as if you need to move on, and into your own place.

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