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Daily Downing Street Update

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MarkingTimeIm59 Sun 03-May-20 16:42:00

Is it because they started late - or is Michael Gove talking so quickly I can barely make sense of what he's saying.
There is so much waffle it's difficult to pick out the important points.

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Bimbleberries Sun 03-May-20 16:49:01

I gave up watching the briefings a while ago and now just follow them on the BBC news app instead.

But even that's confusing. It says 315 deaths across the UK, including care homes, and then earlier it gave a value just for england that was greater than that total (327, I think). Maybe the difference is in whether they have had positive tests, or just presumed corona. Or maybe different times of day for reporting.

Dadnotamum72 Sun 03-May-20 16:56:54

Yes doesn't make sence unless they have undone some of the care home deaths and created a minus figure.

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