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Parents of Year 12/5th Year students, are your DC worried about how next year will pan out?

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BarbeDeMaman Sun 03-May-20 16:10:03

Mine is worried teachers will considered subjects covered during this period will be considered to have been completed.

Her school is a bog standard one where teachers are setting assignments and correcting homework but not actually teaching. They are however, flying on through the curriculum. I would not be surprised if the emphasis is on getting back to normal in September (CV19 permitting) with an aim to hold exams in June 2021 and put this period of disruption behind us asap.

In truth they would, in normal circumstances, be under huge pressure from Next September without having to make up the missing 9 weeks teaching of this year.

I appreciate the emphasis is on final year students for now but my DD cannot be the only one stressing about how this will be handled and fretting over her final exams already. Her year head and school head are pretty ineffective at the best of times, and neither she nor I have had any individual communication from the year head since this began.

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