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(Not so) Subtle changes to corona virus in the media - "Covidiots"; to "Coronaphobia"

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Rosehip10 Sun 03-May-20 12:20:18

You can see what most of the print media want in terms of removing lockdown and I suspect lots of this is being nudged from "government sources"

Couple of weeks back, anyone who dared sit on a bench was a "Covidiot", now anyone who has concerns about the government's response or way forward is "Coronaphobic"

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noblegiraffe Sun 03-May-20 12:24:51

Yep. Plus all the endless headlines about schools going back on various made-up dates to put the thought into people’s heads.

The newspapers are behaving appallingly right now.

Back at the start of lockdown a load of regional papers ran the same front page saying that they would not scaremonger or speculate or print irresponsible stories that would damage people’s mental health.

It’s a shame that the major papers don’t give a shit. Clickbait to get advertising money is all they care about.

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