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Firsttimemum63 Sun 03-May-20 09:36:47

I've seen a lot of posts on here were people mention things like that they had two teenagers behind in a supermarket queue and that that is unacceptable, I've also seen posters mentioning about for example, two teenagers walking around the community. The posters were assuming that they don't live in the same household. Why are people just assuming this when they don't know??

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ragged Sun 03-May-20 09:44:47

People like to share their disapproval. <shrug>
It's a way of finding a person to blame. Blaming a virus is boring but blaming a person gets us excited.

Firsttimemum63 Sun 03-May-20 09:46:00

But my point is that people shouldn't assume they don't live together.

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ragged Sun 03-May-20 09:48:23

They like to assume. They like to find a reason to express anger or at least indignation.
Logic or open-mindedness doesn't come into it.

MintyCedric Sun 03-May-20 09:48:49

Tbf you're only supposed to send one family member out shopping at a time...I can't think of any reason why you'd absolutely have to send teenage siblings to the shops together.

Otherwise I agree, it just sounds like people having to dramatic and whingy.

Firsttimemum63 Sun 03-May-20 09:56:13


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Firsttimemum63 Sun 03-May-20 09:56:46

I can think of a reason why you would though.

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Firsttimemum63 Sun 03-May-20 10:02:33

If it is faster to send two teenage siblings shopping or if you have a medical problem that prevents you from being able to stand for long periods of time.

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Firsttimemum63 Sun 03-May-20 10:13:17

And also people comment about 2 teenagers being out walking. However, if they live in the same house, they can walk together as there exercise.

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GetUpAgain Sun 03-May-20 10:14:54

Teenagers get a bad press all the time, lockdown is more of the same!

I have teenagers and they and their friends are lovely, brilliant, and kind.

Firsttimemum63 Sun 03-May-20 10:16:05



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Firsttimemum63 Sun 03-May-20 10:46:21

Just seen another post where was basically saying even though the two teenagers behind her were sharing a shopping list she somehow knew they weren't together! WTF, how would she know?

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