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Back to work tomorrow. Eeeek

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Nonestopcaberet Sun 03-May-20 07:38:20

Nervous and excited,
A phased return to work with a handful of staff in tomorrow, gradually building up as orders (hopefully) increase.
Distancing measures put in place which means we can only run at 50% capacity anyway unless we introduce shift work.
I’m office based and have my own office. In normal times I am usually so busy that I rarely venture out of my own space, so I’m not worried about that. Toilets and kitchen are small spaces so a little worried about sharing those. Planning on taking my own food and enough drink to last the day which I can eat in my office, or outside in nice weather.
I don’t think I’ll get away with taking my own potty though......😂

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Pannsies Sun 03-May-20 07:56:29

What country are you in?

Piixxiiee Sun 03-May-20 08:45:52

You'll be fine once first day done. Lots of hand washing and wipe down door handles etc.

Some of us are doing this every week with no social distancing in place.....

Abcduck Sun 03-May-20 10:29:42

Sounds like minimal risk unless your commute is risky.

PrivateD00r Mon 04-May-20 08:52:53

Sounds good. I am sure you will be happy to get back to work and to hopefully increase your job security with getting the work up and running again.

We keep wipes everywhere and everyone is very good about constantly cleaning everything, the only really annoying bit is opening the toilet door after washing your hands, maybe you have a glove you can pop on for that, or can use hand gel after?

userxx Mon 04-May-20 08:55:14

I've worked all the way through this. My office set up sounds similar to yours and it's honestly been fine. Being able to leave the house each day and keep some sort of routine has kept me sane.

Nonestopcaberet Wed 06-May-20 07:38:18

Well, it was all good.
Monday was very strange. Only 6 of us in the offices instead of the usual 20. We have all been given wipes, spray and hand sanitiser to use as and when we want. The cleaner is back in too, constantly wiping down doors, kitchen and toilets. We all make our own drinks and clean down kettles, fridges etc after use.
Tuesday was much easier, as it wasn’t as new. Still changing things as we go, when we realise that a few of us are touching the same things such as photocopiers. We have now re jigged so that there is more even use of the photocopiers and wipes and sprays are left nearby to wipe them after use.
Main thing is, we all feel safe. The hardest thing is working out how to pass someone on the narrow corridor, which one of us can nip into an empty office so the other can pass. It doesn’t happen often though as people have moved offices to avoid having to use that corridor anyway.
I feel better for getting back to some sort of normality.
I’m off now until next Monday, as my next working day is Friday which happens to be a Bank Holiday.

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PrivateD00r Wed 06-May-20 07:41:27

Glad it went well and that you felt safe!

userxx Wed 06-May-20 08:54:46

@Nonestopcaberet Welcome back to the normalish world 👍. Sounds like a good place to work.

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