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Catching from supermarket?

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ThatsNotMyCherry Sun 03-May-20 03:40:06

Does anyone think they have caught it from a supermarket/shop? If you have had it or think you have but only go out to shop then please let me know

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Bubbinsmakesthree Sun 03-May-20 03:54:47

Not me but a friend was saying they thought their DH had it despite having been nowhere but the supermarket.

HarryHarry Sun 03-May-20 04:15:16

I know I did! It was the only place I’d been. I was very careful but at one point I caught myself rubbing my eye. I was extremely unwell for nearly 3 weeks.

ThatsNotMyCherry Sun 03-May-20 04:19:02

Did you start to feel unwell almost straight after going or did it take a while for symptoms to show up?

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HarryHarry Mon 04-May-20 20:39:01

I can’t be sure which time I got infected because I went several times in a short period to try and find everything I needed.

I felt unwell for a while before the real symptoms started. I think that was about 4 days later.

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