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Lockdown timetable - 3 kids, please help!

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Keepgoing88 Sat 02-May-20 09:04:47

So I'm struggling at home with three kids full of energy. They are 6,4 and 1. I'm finding it really hard to think of things to do and to get through each day as their needs are all so different. They are very active, not the sit down types but they are often so much of a handful they end up watching far too much tv. I'm hoping that a rough timetable to get me through the day might help. Can anyone share (especially those with similar aged kids) what or any sort of timetable they follow?! TIA

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Piixxiiee Sat 02-May-20 09:19:36

Hi I have a 6 & 4 year old.
- early morning free play
-8:30/9am Go Noodle- Ntv and cosmic kids
9:30- 6 year old to do english & phonics work.
4 year old chooses a bit of 'writing' name
etc, or plays with play doh/slime.
10:00- play outside and snack
10:30- maths- practical stuff- fractions/time etc.
Counting with 4 year old /play
11:15 bitesize/ dancing/ number Jack's
11:45 play outside
12 /12:30 lunch

Afternoon - walk. Art stuff, play with play mobile together, garden time- bubbles trampoline, water play- freezing toys in ice, wash toys in bubbly water. Games- football, skipping, obstacle course.
3pm snack
Tablet time (if we both still working) painting, play.
6 year old a bit of fun school work.
Action songs on computer.
5:30 Dinner
6:30-7:15 garden all family football, chase etc.

This is a loose timetable and if they're playing happily I leave them! Do I do make sure they're busy and active most of the day otherwise 6 year old in particular doesnt sleep!

Have a look at cosmic kids, go noodle, YouTube freeze dance, action songs. Have a look at twinkl for activities too.

Piixxiiee Sat 02-May-20 09:22:12

Oh I do 'challenges' can you run around the garden like a horse/ dinosaur etc 3 times. Neighbours must think I'm mad but needs must! Also my 6 year old likes zumba on you tube.
Do your 4 & 6 year old play together?
Mine still get more screen time than before!

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