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Traveling abroad

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SandrasAnnoyingFriend Sat 02-May-20 11:06:03

My other half's 10yo son lives in Spain with his mother and he is desperate to be able to visit. At the moment there doesn't appear to be any way but you'll get the best advice from the British Embassy in whatever country you're trying to visit.

Chezloc Sat 02-May-20 09:01:02

Hi @wobblywibble. Yes, you can travel from UK to France and vice versa, if there is an emergency or very close family bereavement. There is still regular Eurotunnel availability. If you are a French national, you will be allowed in to France. If not, you need to prove that your main residence is in France. There is also a form that you will need to complete, when traveling ( The Embassy or Government websites will always give the most up to date info as there will be changes in France over coming weeks, as France looks to ease some lockdown measures (in some regions, if cases continue to fall). However, I would anticipate that the strict international border controls will remain for some time, for obvious reasons.

LivinLaVidaLoki Sat 02-May-20 08:53:26

People must be allowed to travel. I've a colleague who's not long ago been to his holiday home in cyprus.
There are also flights flying in and out of the country daily so people must be travelling.

wobblywibble Sat 02-May-20 08:33:18

This is purely hyperthetical before anyone gets annoyed. My DH is French and has just lost a relative (not corona related) the funeral is Monday so no chance of getting down to Toulouse. It did raise the question about what if his parents were seriously ill or passed away what would he do?
Are you actually allowed to travel? There aren't many flights but the ferries are running.
Surely people wouldn't be allowed to travel?

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