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My muscles are BURNING

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Bananaparp Fri 01-May-20 21:50:44

I did a short/ nothing out of the ordinary exercise video last night. I woke up fine and went about my day. Since about 3pm my thighs have been sore, the pain has got worse and worse and now even lying still in bed it HURTS.
I am now worried that instead of exercise burning pain it is corona burning pain.
Has anyone with symptoms/ confirmed virus had this as there first symptom?

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Lougle Fri 01-May-20 21:54:43

Do you normally exercise? I went on a bike ride a couple of days ago and I needed painkillers because my thighs and calves were burning. It was only 5 miles and we took an hour blush

Bananaparp Fri 01-May-20 22:04:00

Yes it’s the same exercise video I do a few times a week and it’s only 10 mins long.

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Lougle Fri 01-May-20 22:05:03

Ahh ok. Sorry to hear that. I hope someone comes soon to reassure you.

Wehttam Fri 01-May-20 22:06:33

@Bananaparp normally I’d read your post and laugh it off as overreaction. HOWEVER 2 things, early in Lockdown I started running outside, obviously the rough uneven terrain of a street is very different to that of a gym treadmill. A few days later my knees and legs were not necessarily in pain but had almost locked, this lasted for at least a week. My run turned to power walking but I still felt stiff. Very odd considering I can easily do cardio in the gym for an hour straight with no pain or reaction.

Secondly just this evening, I was on my usual daily long walk which is on a very slight incline. Usually I am absolutely fine no problems whatsoever. Tonight though I was talking on the phone to a relation and after around 5 minutes I was getting out of breath. I am mid thirties so no teenager but I am extremely fit and have a very high metabolism so these two anomalies have piqued my curious head.

I have also been waking in the morning with a phlegmy chest like I have to keep clearing my throat. I don’t smoke and have a very healthy diet etc etc. I feel like I am a carrier and it’s lurking. Am I going mad?

ReceptacleForTheRespectable Fri 01-May-20 22:10:37

Did you do more of a specific exercise (e.g. squats) than you usually do? Are you WFH at the moment and therefore spending more of your day is a seated position? This could make your body seize up a bit and then react badly to exercise.

the rough uneven terrain of a street
I'm sorry, but as a fellruner this phrase made me grin

ReceptacleForTheRespectable Fri 01-May-20 22:13:10

Btw, running outdoors requires quite a lot more effort than a treadmill does unless you have the treadmill on a significant incline. Tarmac is also a lot less yielding than a treadmill - this is likely to be what caused the knee pain.

Bananaparp Fri 01-May-20 22:26:18

I did do squats but no more than usual and it’s never hurt afterwards before. I’m lying in bed feeling very achy and sorry for myself.

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PaulHollywoodsSexGut Fri 01-May-20 22:34:03

Has anyone with symptoms/ confirmed virus had this as there first symptom?

I wasn’t confirmed for COVID19 self isolated from 14 March as I was 99.99% convinced I had it and the first sign was.... really fucking achey painful muscles.

At the time I was seeing my PT twice a week and that week raised the weight and lowered the reps and thought it was that.

Nope, it was the virus. Needless to say I got ill but FYI even though my lungs were the next thing to “burn”, for me it was no greater than a shitty cold.

Wishing you well OP x

Bananaparp Fri 01-May-20 22:41:21

Thanks PaulHollywoodsSexGut for you was it generalised aching or affecting one specific muscle group?

I’m glad you have now recovered and it wasn’t too bad for you.

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flowers12 Fri 01-May-20 23:29:42

I tested positive and started having very bad pains in my legs on the second day which lasted most of the week. Hope you are ok and turns out to just to be exercise induced.

Bananaparp Sat 02-May-20 00:37:18

Thanks flowers hope you are better now. I’ve started having heart burn as well. A bit more concerned now. How where your other symptoms?

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GoldenOmber Sat 02-May-20 00:53:42

I was ill in mid-March with something where the first symptom was sore/burning thighs, then fever, cough, chest tightness. Wasn’t tested for Covid, suspect it was but who knows, but either way there’s something going round that can start with that.

Whatever I had lasted about 10 days in total and my legs got sore again towards the end. But it wasn’t ever really that bad - I never felt hugely ill, certainly didn’t feel like I needed medical treatment, didn’t even take time off work (wfh!), was just a bit grotty. Hoping whatever you’ve got is the same.

Bananaparp Sat 02-May-20 03:14:28

Bump. Woken up just not feeling right Any one awake?

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markingplace Sat 02-May-20 03:19:27

I'm awake, how are you feeling at the moment?

Bananaparp Sat 02-May-20 03:22:28

Burning everywhere. Inside my lungs. I know that’s not possible and it is probably my 3am imagination.

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joystir59 Sat 02-May-20 03:30:53

Try sleeping/resting propped up a bit, and try to breath as deeply as possible. Do you have a thermometer to see if you have a fever? If you have difficulty breathing call an ambulance.

markingplace Sat 02-May-20 03:31:47

You poor pet, can you take some paracetamol? Have a warm drink, if at all possible inhale steam or have a long hot shower to help your lungs, Epsom salts or magnesium spray may help the muscle aches or hot water bottle. Listen to something to distract you and help you get to sleep and if you are very worried maybe call out of hours medical help to reassure you. You sound like are fit so all will be well. I'll be up for another little while so I can Leo you company! 💕💕💕💕

markingplace Sat 02-May-20 03:35:53

What joy said above. I forgot to mention I have asthma so I am taking about the steam for you lungs to help loosen any mucus from your airways, Joy is right, sleeping in an elevated position is best, so prop yourself you comfortably with lots of pillows! The advice for C-19 also is to lie on your tummy, so if you could do that while you are awake that would be good, it takes the pressure off your lungs!

markingplace Sat 02-May-20 03:37:29

Apologies for all the typos, I'm terrible when I'm typing on my phone.

SummerSazz Sat 02-May-20 08:20:34

Are you reporting on the COVID-19 app? It appears people who are reporting not feeling right are being offered tests. Hope you feel better soon.

PaulHollywoodsSexGut Sat 02-May-20 09:01:02

Hi OP, it was localised across my shoulders and upper back but for me the giveaway was burning lungs and the costochondrial muscles across my ribs being sharply painful.

You sound like I was in the second week of March x

Bananaparp Sat 02-May-20 13:21:57

Thanks everyone. I’ve been sleeping most of the day. Everything still hurts and bizarrely food tastes far too sweet. Don’t know what that is all about. But it seems less frightening in the day than it did last night. Sleeping propped up helps so thank you whoever suggested that.

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ShastaBeast Sat 02-May-20 13:58:41

I had really achey muscles when suffering with suspected covid. Aches just holding the hairdryer doing my hair. DH did a joe wicks with the kids and really suffered. A couple of weeks later he ran and was much sorer than usual. More recent runs have been fine. Keep an eye on symptoms and keep on distancing.

markingplace Sat 02-May-20 19:27:11

Bananaparp, glad to hear that you don't feel as overwhelmed. I was thinking of you all day. Take care of you and I hope you feel better very soon.

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