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cookiedough269 Fri 01-May-20 20:42:33

Hi, I'm currently pregnant and recently been furloughed but now my work is opening back up in the next 2 weeks. I received my furlough pay on pay day and only received £400 to last me the month. My work have said that anyone who wants to come back to work can do but have told me that I'm not allowed to due to me being pregnant. I honestly can't survive on furlough pay as I'm going to be a single mum when baby is born and I'm due to be moving into my own house soon. I've asked work if they can let me come back to work as I desperately need the money and they're refusing. Is there anything I can do or can I claim anything? I'm at much of a risk when I go to the supermarket so I don't see why i cant come back to work. Any advice appreciated, thanks.

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Maryann1975 Fri 01-May-20 20:49:04

Is £400 80% of your normal monthly pay?

plixy Fri 01-May-20 20:54:07

What job do you do? Is it actually a risk to go and work?

AhGoGo Fri 01-May-20 20:56:03

Have a lot of information that may help and a helpline you can call.

ForeverBubblegum Fri 01-May-20 20:57:28

Are you able to get uc to top it up? It takes your rent into account, so even if you don't qualify now, you might once you move or once babies born. Put all 3 situations (you where you live now / you in new place / you plus baby in new place) into a benefits calculator like turn to us to see what you may get at different times.

Also look up sure start maternity grant, it's a one of £500 payment for baby stuff.

ivfgottostaypositive Fri 01-May-20 21:01:16

I don't see how if £400 is 80% of your normal
Pay that you can be financially solvent even when you are back to work and paid 100% as it's only £100 per month more??

The government advised pregnant women to socially distance not totally quarantine themselves so I'd try that argument with them - failing that I guess you could try the pregnancy discrimination card in refusing to allow you to come back to work puts you at a disadvantage to a non pregnant person

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