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Isolation is ruining music and good taste POSSIBLY FOR EVER

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vera99 Fri 01-May-20 18:52:58

These guys mean well and have stunningly produced probably the worst ever musical tribute song and video EVER. So bad it's terribly good....(could be a parody but not sure..) No women or animals were used in this production.

Indie Allstars - Chasing Rainbows 2020 (NHS Tribute)

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foamrolling Fri 01-May-20 19:02:58

Jesus that's awful. Really really bad. The singing. The production. Dear oh dear.

StoorieHoose Fri 01-May-20 19:06:57

I used to love some of these chaps back in the day but yes bloody awful

StoorieHoose Fri 01-May-20 19:07:33

Original song does whoosh me back in time though

vera99 Fri 01-May-20 19:08:13

You think surely this must be a parody and then realise it's not. They mean well bless but these guys look like they have been hammering the bottle or something else in these long dark days and rang in their contributions and then the organisers 13-year old nephew knocked up the video.

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