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How long do you think the Furlough Scheme will realistically last?

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DreamChaser23 Fri 01-May-20 17:20:30

Indefinitely until a vaccine is found?

I think it will probably have to be indefinitely. The other alternative is putting people on UC which might be less but still costly.

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AStarSoBright Fri 01-May-20 17:24:18

I think it will be reduced to less than 80%, perhaps to a level more in line with UC, after the initial 3 months. It is totally unsustainable in the longer term in the current form.

SkelingtonArgument Fri 01-May-20 17:27:01

Furlough pay will be cut after June - maybe 50%, maybe the equivalent to minimum wage. It’s unsustainable in its current form

Pipandmum Fri 01-May-20 17:27:13

I think it will end after the three months, or until schools and majority of businesses reopen, which I think will be June/july. Government cannot afford for it to be indefinite.

TJH130 Fri 01-May-20 17:27:41

In its current form? End of June at a push July for certain sectors that can’t re open

Amy188 Fri 01-May-20 17:28:45

What is the farlogh sceme?

Seelowbrown Fri 01-May-20 17:30:51

End of June. Then it’s all back to work I think. They can’t do this forever. I actually thought the 80% was generous to be honest or at least the maximum payment was.

Grasspigeons Fri 01-May-20 17:32:50

i dont know how many companies can keep on going with staff on furlough before they cant re-open anyway and would make people redundant.

Kazzyhoward Fri 01-May-20 17:33:42

It will carry on to end of June as stated, but after then the scope will be drastically reduced to only those industries prohibited from operating and the most vulnerable employees still having to be shielded.

We need a "nudge" to get those businesses back open who are allowed to and workers back to work who aren't shielding.

It's crazy that businesses which didn't need to close are being funded to stay closed by means of the furlough support. We need to get all businesses that are allowed to open, to re-open.

Obviously some industries need to stay closed, i.e. pubs, cafes, etc., but as the lockdown is eased, we need to get back towards normality for the majority.

If a specific business can't re-open despite being allowed to, then it needs to make the decision whether to close down or whether to change, either it's premises, it's staff, it's products, etc. Likewise if a worker doesn't want to work, despite their employer having work for them, then they may need another job or be made redundant. Sooner or later, we have to be strict to get people back productively. The furlough and other support schemes are only VERY temporary and must be reduced/removed as soon as possible, rather than remaining a lifestyle choice!

Waxonwaxoff0 Fri 01-May-20 17:36:12

End of June as it is currently. Then I think it will only continue for businesses that are ordered to stay closed by the government - restaurants, pubs, cinemas.

TazSyd Fri 01-May-20 17:36:44

It’s too expensive because twice as many people were put on furlough than the government had forecast.

I think they will cut it to force people back to work. Or at least restrict it to those sectors that will be closed longer - airlines, gigs and events staff etc.

Maybe reduce it to UC level but without the need for job search meetings and sanctions?

Amy188 Fri 01-May-20 17:39:20

The perfect platform to collect mass dna with the same straw ;)

TazSyd Fri 01-May-20 17:39:42

By force people back to work, I mean force companies to reopen and bring their employees back in.

I know if solicitors and estate agents who are furloughed. As with other office jobs, it’s possible to work from home but their companies furloughed them due to the lack of work coming in.

ginghamstarfish Fri 01-May-20 17:41:01

It was surely only meant to be for a maximum of perhaps 3 months, it is not sustainable for longer. It seems many jumped on the bandwagon when it was perhaps not strictly necessary, and of course including the likes of that fat git Philip Green, Branson and the like, multimillionaires/billionaires who avoid paying tax in the first place, but now demand taxpayer money. Factories and many small shops should soon be able to go back to work with the appropriate measures, so taking off some of the pressure.

Wowthisisreal Fri 01-May-20 17:42:50

I think it will end at its current deadline. Gov can't keep paying for people not to work. Companies will start to reopen! It's only meant to be holding the fort until we all go back and there was a reason they did it for 12 weeks initially.

WyfOfBathe Fri 01-May-20 17:53:09

I think it will end in June, or carry on in some reduced form for businesses that have to stay closed (eg pubs, cinemas) and maybe officially shielded people.

A lot of businesses closed and furloughed people when they didn't legally have to, although I understand why they did. The government can't keep paying their salaries forever, and will need them to reopen at some point to keep the economy going.

TazSyd Fri 01-May-20 17:54:35


Don’t forget Victoria Beckham. She’s devastated by the backlash apparently.

More like devastated that she got caught and it was published in the tabloids.

FunnyInjury Fri 01-May-20 18:16:03

So many businesses have furloughed people with no need.

Financial advisors, website designers, Director only limited Co's who operate as consultants of a variety of sort.

All examples of companies who do not even have premises, employees always work from home. All have furloughed staff. I suspect some will still have them working and will split the furlough bonus with their employees further down the line.

I work in payroll and have seen it all 🤷‍♀️

JudyCoolibar Fri 01-May-20 18:20:19

The government will have to issue a decision at least 45 days before the end of the current furlough period to allow businesses the statutory time for consulting on redundancies as an alternative.

TheBlueBottles Fri 01-May-20 18:22:38

I don't understand the backlash at Victoria Beckham.

She runs a business, the scheme was announced for all businesses, they never said 'all businesses apart from those run by celebrities or personal wealth above x'. It was a government announced scheme that they budgeted for.

I am surprised she only furloughed 30 staff though. Its a high end fashion business. It cant be doing a roaring trade.

Imho she doesn't have a great business sense. I might be wrong but hasn't the company never made a profit. I think she's had cash injections from her husband over the years.

I sound terribly invested when I don't really care 😂

Ever since Kylie and Jason broke up, I've always slightly invested in celeb marriages, like I want them to work as so many don't 😂

LilacTree1 Fri 01-May-20 18:23:10

Amy “ The perfect platform to collect mass dna with the same straw ;)”

Please coukd you explain this? Sorry if being thick.

Gobbolino7825 Fri 01-May-20 18:56:26

@FunnyInjury The lock down has affected many many businesses - demand for all sorts of industries disappeared overnight - that's why it was put in place. To help all businesses who were suddenly affected by the lock down that they could not have forseen or planned for. That includes website designers and financial advisors who suddenly don't have clients who need their services because every one has cut back on spending.

chickedeee Fri 01-May-20 18:58:02

Not too much longer because the country cannot afford it!

BBCONEANDTWO Fri 01-May-20 19:03:18

The furlough was wrong by the amount they were paying i.e. 80% of salary - they should have had a basic amount for everyone - maybe around £200 pw and less if the person was part time. This 80% up to £2500 was ridiculous in the first place.

Also the guidelines were really ambiguous about whether you could work or not in the beginning which made a lot of people who were self employed e.g. joiners, painters, cleaners in someone's home etc not know exactly if they could work or not.

DaisylovesDonald Fri 01-May-20 19:04:45

At the end of June I think it will be moved to only sectors that are not yet allowed to reopen or who will be badly hit by social distancing measures eg restaurants/cinemas/pubs/tourism. After that other industries will be expected to return to work as best they can.

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