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Getting a cv test

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blobbyface Fri 01-May-20 09:56:22

So ds2 has woken up with a high temp 39.2. (He's already done this to us at the beginning of lockdown) I work in a care home. How do I get him a test? I looked at applying online, but it doesn't give me the option of family member of care worker - the closest box assumes he works in healthcare. Do I have to go via 111?

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Ginfilledcats Fri 01-May-20 09:59:54

Your work place should organise it. If not try 111 but they're not routinely testing symptomatic people through the NHS unless I'll enough to need hospital care.
Hope he's ok x

blobbyface Fri 01-May-20 10:02:52

Ok thank you.

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WithASpider Sat 02-May-20 17:06:55

How old is he? The drive through centres won't test anyone under 18.

If he's over 18, then you can use the 111 online tool to log symptoms. There is an option for 'referred by 111' in the drop down menu.

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