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If fsce masks become compulsory?

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Plump82 Fri 01-May-20 08:25:17

Is there anywhere that shows you how to use them correctly?

Is it true that once you take it off it can't be used again? So if you say had to go to work you would need one for going to work and back home?

Do the homemade ones need a filter?

Sorry for all the questions. Im just concerned if they do become compulsory that i dont use them correctly and then the whole thing is pointless.

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sleepismysuperpower1 Fri 01-May-20 09:43:07

there is advice here from the CDC Gov about cloth face coverings. They have included how to make one yourself, but if you aren't very good at sewing, you can buy a cloth one here. all the best x

Plump82 Fri 01-May-20 13:22:31

Thats a good wee article. Thanks for sharing. It doesn't mention if you can only wear it once?
Im no good at sewing so will purchase one if I need to wear one.

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Seelowbrown Fri 01-May-20 13:54:13

Are they expecting people to make them?

FliesandPies Fri 01-May-20 14:15:41

OP they are expecting people to wash and re-use them, not dispose of them like surgical masks.

They won't make it compulsory, it would open a whole new can of headache for the Gov in terms of supplying everyone and policing it. Also, Gov scientists have repeatedly said that masks, while possibly helpful, are not a strong enough preventive measure to justify enforced wearing.

elfycat Fri 01-May-20 14:28:40

I think it will probably be sold to us as 'face coverings' if it goes ahead as a recommendation, as getting even basic level disposable surgical masks to front-line workers and the general public would be a huge undertaking. and they'll be washing up on beaches forever more, but that a concern for the future

There are loads of ideas of what might works as a mask, and different styles of cloth facemasks selling on Etsy. You'd rewash and iron them, and use again.

I just went to check on my supply of elastic and bias binding (I do patch-working and have sooooo much material I don't need to look at that) and can make a couple each for all of my nearest and dearest if they want them. I'm still waiting to see if this is a recommendation though.

Poor DH is having to accept my huge stocks of 'stuff' (not quite a hoarder but I do have a good supply of the things I like) turns out to be prudent preparation.

MinkowskisButterfly Fri 01-May-20 14:34:59

Whilst in this thread does anybody know about masks not being recommended for people with asthma? Someone mentioned it but wouldn't/couldn't back it up with evidence (said it was mentioned on the news). I've looked but no joy, does anyone know of any research/info surrounding this?

sleepismysuperpower1 Fri 01-May-20 14:44:35

no, you don't dispose of the one I linked, just pop it into the washing machine after each wear.

RingtheBells Fri 01-May-20 14:51:29

I bought a couple of cloth ones off eBay as I am not good at sewing, they weren’t too expensive, though obviously as demand goes up so will the price

FliesandPies Fri 01-May-20 14:57:57

MinkowskisButterfly I don't think there's any specific advice - it would depend on the asthma trigger I think and whether the suffer could tolerate having their mouth and nose covered.

slashlover Fri 01-May-20 14:58:52

There are disposable masks and reusable ones. I looked on Amazon but they all seemed to have delivery dates of weeks away. I bought one from etsy yesterday and received a notification this morning that it has been dispatched, if it's decent then I'll probably buy a couple more. I remember reading about putting a piece of folded up kitchen roll inside as a filter.

Mine has cats on it.

Mine has cats on it

Yellowbutterfly1 Fri 01-May-20 15:03:07

A family of 4 is going to need quite a lot of these in order to have spares to use while the other ones are being washed and dried.
I suppose if you are quite crafty it won’t be too much of an issue but most people will have to purchase them and the cost will really mount up.

CocoCorona Fri 01-May-20 15:04:17

I wear glasses. I have a face mask with a filter but my glasses steam up. I won’t be able to wear a mask out and about comfortably. This is shit if it becomes compulsory.

Bloomburger Fri 01-May-20 15:05:46

If you google the pattern for Olsen facemasks they're v easy to make.

Windyatthebeach Fri 01-May-20 15:07:28

Came on to mention the spec wearing steam up factor also!

sleepismysuperpower1 Fri 01-May-20 15:08:05

@CocoCorona there are some tips on how to stop them doing that whilst wearing a mask here

Qasd Fri 01-May-20 15:08:13

But how often do they need washing. Could I have one for a day, taking it on and off for going to work, going to the shops or do I need a new one for every “journey” so one for two work, one to come home, one to go to the shops and then wash all three at the end of the day?...I genuinely cannot work out how many cloth ones as a family of four we would need!

sleepismysuperpower1 Fri 01-May-20 15:10:55

@Qasd " "A weekly wash should be fine if it's not soiled," Dr. Schaffner told TODAY." you can apparently put it in the oven for 20 mins daily to disinfect it, and wash it once a week.

Plump82 Fri 01-May-20 15:11:44

Sorry, when I say wear once I mean if I wear it on the train in to work, can I wear the same one home again before i wash it. Sorry i wasnt very clear.
I don't like the idea of disposible ones for environmental reasons.
I'm just trying to work out how many youd realistically need if you do need to wear say at least 2 per day and take into account them drying.
@FliesandPies - I'm not planning on buying just now but may put some money away in case we're told we need to wear something. A lot of countries seem to have done a U turn on them.

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Qasd Fri 01-May-20 15:14:02

Brill thanks 🙏🏻!

That suggests we need a lot less than I thought

Plump82 Fri 01-May-20 15:14:41

@qasd that's what i was meaning!
@sleepismysuperpower1 that's good to know about the oven and solves the issue I thought there could be!

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LilacTree1 Fri 01-May-20 15:15:42

Re asthma

I contacted Asthma UK and they said a lot of asthmatics feel their breathing is impaired

I’ve written to the Mayor of London to point this out.

ScrapThatThen Fri 01-May-20 15:25:24

I suppose since it's mainly effective to protect other people from you, that wearing it for a whole day should be ok?

alexdgr8 Fri 01-May-20 15:26:53

i use a long thin scarf that i arrange over my mouth and nose, makes it easier wearing glasses, as it hangs from nose bridge part. other people could wear sunglasses, as it's safer to cover the eyes too.
i spread the scarf out when i get in and spray it with dettol fabric spray.
if i had to go out more often i would have a few and rotate them, probably wash once a week.
i think face coverings might be required on soon on public transport in london, which i think would be a good thing, several bus drivers have died.
i can see no necessity to buy/make special items unless you want to.
i have been using this scarf since i bought it for the purpose before the lockdown. cost one pound.

namechangenumber2 Fri 01-May-20 15:30:11

I've just ordered fabric face masks for us, although hadn't thought about the asthma/glasses factor! That could be an issue for all of us shocksad

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