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Government press release concerning consumer rights

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Littlemissdaredevil Fri 01-May-20 07:38:50

Also states that companies should not be forcing people to accept voucher or ‘double charging’ e.g charging customers and getting furlough

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Kmxxx14 Fri 01-May-20 07:53:26

I might send this to our wedding supplier. They are refusing to send us £2,000 refund as in the original contract this deposit was non refundable.

Littlemissdaredevil Fri 01-May-20 13:25:40

There is a link in the link where you can report them if you want to

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Kmxxx14 Fri 01-May-20 13:27:40

Thank you very much that’s amazingly helpful.

I have sent it to 10 suppliers who have refused refunds.

2 have promptly refunded, we shall see about the rest. I am owed about £4,000 so was very depressed before finding this today.

Thank you.

Littlemissdaredevil Fri 01-May-20 14:53:50

The CMA acknowledges that most businesses are trying to do the right thing in these unprecedented circumstances but, at the same time, ordinary consumers deserve to have their rights protected. It also advises that businesses should not be profiting by ‘double recovering’ their money from the Government and from customers.
This may be helpful people who are dealing with nurseries that are charging 100% fees but have furloughed staff as effectively they would be profiting from the furlough scheme as they are getting more than 100% of their usual income.

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