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Childcare in the Time of Covid

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Apple40 Thu 30-Apr-20 23:15:41

Hi, an au pair lives with you, if are looking for someone to come to yours this would be a nanny. Not sure if I am allowed to advertise childcare sites on here but if you google childcare and your area a whole list will come up of local providers.

MidiMitch Thu 30-Apr-20 21:18:46

DH and I are both teachers (both Dep Heads). We normally rely on lovely Grandma who takes our DS to school every morning and picks him up, gives him tea, bath etc (I know how lucky we are!). Things all changed now as we are staying away from Grandma to protect her. At the moment we are both in school every day working with vulnerable and key worker children and DS is attending the provision in his school. We have long commutes but working this out thanks to the fact our respective bosses get the current struggle...but...I'm worried about the fact that this could carry on indefinitely. If Grandma has to keep self-isolating, we are going to need to come up with a plan in September. Is it possible to hire an au pair (or someone?) who would come round to our house at 6.45am ish and take DS to school and then pick him up and bring him home and look after him until about 7.30-ish when we get home. Where do you even start looking for someone like this? And what do you reckon this would cost? TIA

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