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Kimpeach22 Thu 30-Apr-20 19:29:29

Just a quick question I have 4 kids school age oldest 16 in year 11 don't think she would be expected to go back. Have a year 10 at a pupil referral unit, a year 7 at high school and a year 3 but he attends a special school.
If they do allow the schools to go back the pupil referral unit has told me that it would be school and straight home after because if they go out after school then he wouldnt be allowed to go back for 2 weeks. He won't come straight home.
My problem is the year 3 or 8 year old he has a genetic condition and picks up virus pretty easily. I haven't received a shielding letter for him so don't know if his at risk. His genetic condition is very rare.
Would I have to send him into school or could he just stay home till its more safer.

Any advice

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TerrapinStation Thu 30-Apr-20 19:32:06

No body evens knows when the schools might go back and your question is so specific that no one will be able to tell you. Any answers will be guesses, all anyone can do is wait and see.

Kimpeach22 Thu 30-Apr-20 19:41:35

Suppose its a wait and see. Just starting to worry about him going back now.


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BertNErnie Thu 30-Apr-20 19:41:48

@Kimpeach22 I'd imagine schooling will be optional in these circumstances. I know we have a number of parents who have already informed us they don't want their children to come back until September and we have already decided we are not going to penalise them.

veryvery Thu 30-Apr-20 20:06:27

If I were you I'd wait and see then act only if there is a problem. Possible courses at action could be:

1)Contacting your Year 3's specialist to ask for further advice.
2)Arrange a lift to bring your Yr10 home.
3) Arrange to social distance one of them in the house, if there is room. Portray this as a positive. Meals in room on tray. T.V/ IPad availability for them etc. No one bothering them.

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