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Antibacterial wipes/spray is there a conclusive answer?

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MrsKingfisher Thu 30-Apr-20 18:04:48

Does it kill covid or not? Is there any actual scientific evidence either way?

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Branster Thu 30-Apr-20 21:36:33

Not that I can find OP and I don’t think it exists.

However, Dettol claims on its packaging for their standard cleaner that it is an effective product against a certain Coronavirus. And other stuff.
To my understanding, Coronaviruses are similar in the way they infiltrate the host and in their structure. To a high enough degree as far as I can tell that I am happy to use this spray for the easy option but I don’t rely on it.
I sometimes use the wipes for my phone screen. Which you are not supposed to do so please don’t do it. They are actually quite expensive and I don’t like wipes in general so I only bought one box, cut the sheets in quarters and placed in a sealed sandwich bag to use sometimes. In a month I barely touched them.

This is what they say

There are similar products in other countries by different manufacturers. But I don’t know enough about them.

Alcohol min 65 or 70% (?) is your best bet. It is not suitable for all surfaces. Bleach solution (5-or 10%?) also recommended. Hydrogen peroxide too but I can’t remember the concentration needed. Soapy water so a degreasing agent. None of these are as easy as a wipe or a spray that doesn’t damage furniture or fixtures.

Some hand sanitiser come in a liquid with a spray dispenser form and if they have the right concentration of alcohol they are a more convenient option. Not the best value for money though. I have been unable to buy such a product in the UK as gel formulations appear to be the norm here - I didn’t look very hard though.

I personally use 70 and 90% alcohol solutions where needed.

Dettol says they don’t use bleach. My organic chemistry is very rusty, but I think their formula might have some ammonia in it. No idea of the significance of this and I might be wrong anyway..

HermioneWeasley Thu 30-Apr-20 21:39:31

Dettol is proven to kill other corona viruses. There’s no reason why it wouldn’t work on covid19 but they can’t claim it does yet.

They’re the only make I’m trusting, as well as hand sanitizer that’s 60%+ alcohol

Mrsmorton Thu 30-Apr-20 21:45:53

Soap... AKA detergent. Fairly liquid, shower gel, hand wash. There is conclusive Evidence on this. Anti bacterial wipes against a virus which is not a bacteria. I guess your mileage may vary.

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