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Ostagazuzulum Thu 30-Apr-20 14:03:16

I'm confused. Possibly being a bit stupid.
I'm working from home at the moment and between mine and my husbands shifts we're managing childcare fine without sending her to school (both key workers). However I'm getting called back to work soon so there'll be days when I can't work from home and we may need to send her to school. One of her friends parents is very similar position where they're having to send their two children to school once or twice a week. Would we be unreasonable to do each other's childcare? If she's going to have to be exposed to other people surely it'd be better just her friend and their sibling that the 20-25 kids I know are going to her school plus teachers? I can't find anything to say yes or no and it's all ambiguous.

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sittingonacornflake Thu 30-Apr-20 15:06:34

Using common sense I'd say that's highly preferable. Assuming social distancing measures are in place and your houses are disinfected. I know what I'd rather do anyway!

RicStar Thu 30-Apr-20 15:14:35

Surely there would be many more children in schools if people were not doing this? Technically I think schools have some kind of social distancing in place at the moment - which is it's own horror, so I know what I would rather do.

Ostagazuzulum Fri 01-May-20 06:58:48

Well I think it's preferable however when I was reading speculative reports about relaxing rules and choosing ten people to socialise with (on a side note can't see how that would ever work) it said you'd then be able to use friends for childcare, suggesting it's not allowed now?

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