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To feel like I need some hope

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Greenpoppins Thu 30-Apr-20 11:43:01

Is anyone else feeling like this? I've been crying today, feeling low generally this week and now feeling hopeless. Like the majority of the country we've been sticking pretty strictly to the lockdown and doing it very willingly. There seems to me to be no positive news or any hope at all. I'm generally a resilient person and feeling like this is a real surprise to me. Am I the only one who needs a bit of hope?

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heathspeedwell Thu 30-Apr-20 12:55:51

So sorry you are feeling like this, but the new work on vaccines is sounding very hopeful.

Is there any way you can treat yourself to cheer up a bit? Have you got a favourite box set you can watch, or can you buy some favourite foods?

I also find having a routine really helps - if nothing else it helps to pass the days more quickly, and this will pass, so hang in there!

The80sweregreat Thu 30-Apr-20 13:00:36

A vaccine will take a while but in the meantime it's just carry on and try your best. It's shit all round but what can we do realistically? I heard a man in the queue at boots today saying he hadn't received enough money and sounded worried. Getting money to people will be a challenge , but I'm hoping that gets sorted out soon.
We have to just hope things get better.

Greenpoppins Thu 30-Apr-20 13:12:54

Thanks for encouraging replies. I've found how hard I'm finding this a real shock. The vaccine is really, really encouraging. Just knowing there is some light at the end of the tunnel helps. Routine is also a great suggestion.

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