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Can I extend my furlough

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twistericecream Thu 30-Apr-20 11:24:49

Can I extend my furlough period based on childcare requirements. My dc school is sending over a lot of work. Currently I'm getting through it all with them (they're in year 2) I'm supposed to go back to work end of May but can't see how I'm supposed to manage work and school requirements,

On top of this my dc is an only dc she will pretty much be alone all day if I'm having to work. I know people are doing this but I am trying to do the right thing if I can which doesn't involve leaving my dc alone for long periods.

One other thing I am absolutely dreading is that my company have left any work left for me to build up and there are external deadlines that will occur in my first week of return that no one has touched so my company will expect me to meet these deadlines (external compulsory government data submissions) that I doubt I will be able to meet within one week having not worked since the end of March.

I'm finding it quite distressing at the moment and don't know what to do. My company are also awful. I'm dreading them turning around saying leave them. I've only been there a year.

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