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Is this even getting better?

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fourpeasinapod Thu 30-Apr-20 10:59:34

There’s talk about lockdown being eased when the numbers of cases and deaths drop.

Is that really happening? As far as I can see, the numbers are increasing, I thought we were over the peak!

It’s being reviewed next week - it’ll definitely be extended again.

I’m fucking fed up with this now

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LivinLaVidaLoki Thu 30-Apr-20 11:06:54

It may not look like it but is getting better.
The daily death figures have now been adjusted so its not just hospitak deaths, so that does look like a jump up.
Before that when you look at the 7 day rolling average the deaths were falling by about a 100 a week (from an average of 840, to an average of 750 then an average of I think 675).

The cases look like they are not getting better but that is because we are testing way more people than we were previously. For instance, until recently, a nurse who had symptoms would be told to go home and self isolate. No test, they just presumed they would have had Covid but it wouldn't be recorded anywhere. Now if a nurse gets symptoms they can be tested. get a positive test, that shows up on new cases. Absolutely no difference to the amount of cases out there, but that is now a confirmed and recorded case.

Proportionately it is actually coming down.

LivinLaVidaLoki Thu 30-Apr-20 11:08:24

And most lockdowns were about 8 or 9 weeks, so that is what I have mentally prepared for.
Think that takes us to the week beginning 18th and 25th March.

Its hard and Im really struggling at times, but that is where I am at in my head.

fourpeasinapod Thu 30-Apr-20 15:44:46

@LivinLaVidaLoki I know - it’s really starting to do my head in.

I can live with it ok at the minute but it’s when they keep saying that it could go on way longer even until the end of the year. I’m not sure I can cope being restricted that long, god I need normality!

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LivinLaVidaLoki Thu 30-Apr-20 15:48:35

There is not a chance we will be in this stage of lockdown til the end of the year.
There will be some measures depending on how it goes, but not like this.

fourpeasinapod Thu 30-Apr-20 16:05:13

@LivinLaVidiLoka oh I know what you mean, I highly doubt it will go on that long.

When we do eventually get back to normal - that will be weird. I can’t even remember what normal looks and feels like!

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