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CV or hayfever

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Focusanddetermination Thu 30-Apr-20 09:55:42

OK so after trying Google I'm wondering whether anyone on here who has actually had CV can help me figure it out.

I always have hay-fever, so could easily be that.

Here are my 'symptoms':

1. Last night as I went to bed suddenly developed a cough down on my chest that was annoyingly persistent, and sounded like one in a video online of what cv cough sounds like. I got to sleep, cough gone so far this morning
2. My windpipe, feels sore or raw. I wouldn't say pain. It's lower down in my chest. Not my lungs, more bottom of the pipe.
3. Feeling a bit tired due to the windpipe thing, but not overly so

I'm LP working from home with a small cold, noone else to ask really, and I don't want to concern anyone in RL.

I know it's hard to be certain and recognise the limitations of getting feedback on the Internet.

I have barely been anywhere in 6-7 weeks. Twice to click and collect, disinfected the whole order out of the car. Once to village post office for 5 mins. Few amazon deliveries, also disinfected. No walks or anything. Child hasn't been anywhere.

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Focusanddetermination Thu 30-Apr-20 09:56:27

*child not cold

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maria860 Thu 30-Apr-20 10:21:39

I've had this I'm pregnant I suffer hayfever never has asthma before. I gave in yesterday and rang 111 they wanted to get me an ambulance which I protested as I'm not ill as such it's just my lungs and breathing.
I have left me house probably four times to go the corner shop and once for a scan weeks ago so I am not overly convinced I have the virus as no temp etc
I was just coping with it at home but yesterday morning I got up my cough was worse very dry and wheezing when I breath.
In the end my own doctor called me and said I probably have asthma triggered by hayfever and maybe pregnancy hormones have triggered it.
He prescribed me an inhaler which I started using last night and I'm happy to say I feel much better this morning thankfully. I will continue to use it to help me breath as long as needed as that feeling isn't nice at all it was stressing me out I've had this on and off since March now.
I have heard the pollen count is very high off the trees at the moment I'm sure I have had a wheezy chest off it before but not this bad or this long.
I sneeze a lot and my eyes sting and I had a sore throat which has gone off now for the most part.
If it doesn't go ring the GP for an inhaler to help.
My brothers have also both said their chest hurts and has been tight and they are self isolating so they don't have covid either so we all think it's that. Hope you feel ok soon not everything is covid 111 tried to kind of make me say it was and told me to isolate and I said I have been for weeks I've barely left the house.
My friend had really bad food poisoning can't keep a thing down she rang them and they said she has covid but she knows it was chicken she had from a takeaway she's been in agony.
It's starting to annoy me that you can't ring without them saying it's that then leave you to your own devices to cope somehow. Good luck

Focusanddetermination Thu 30-Apr-20 11:54:48

maria thank you. I think there's a high chance it's hayfever and don't want to freak out unnecessarily! I'm not asthmatic that I know of but or is hayfever season and I have sneezed now and then. Its the weird coughing last night that freaked me out, it came out of nowhere.

I think I'll only allow myself to get more worried or call 111 if I get other symptoms like a fever, which there is no sign of yet.

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BikeRunSki Thu 30-Apr-20 11:58:50

Pollen is ridiculously high this year. DH and DS suffering dreadfully, but this is normal for them in spring. I’d heard it’s a 70 year high.

maria860 Thu 30-Apr-20 13:01:18

@BikeRunSki are they having a wheezy chest ? Mines been intolerable this season I'm sure I've had it before but nowhere near this bad it's scary.

BikeRunSki Thu 30-Apr-20 18:41:57

@maria860, I’m afraid not, but they never do.

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