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2 key workers, 2 young children - anyone else in the same boat?

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Wigglegiggle0520 Thu 30-Apr-20 08:58:27

I have name changed as could be outing.

Is anyone else in this situation and struggling?

Neither me nor DH can work from home. We are juggling a 70 hour combined week. Work are relatively understanding although I have been asked twice how I’m going to make up my hours. We are both working slightly reduced hours and opposite shifts so most days we aren’t in he house together between 6.15 and 21.30.

We have a 2 and 5 year old and struggle with both children’s behaviour TBH at the best of times. 5 year old has underlying health issues so was taken out of school prior to them closing. I’m trying to do some schoolwork with her, not because I think it’s hugely important at the moment but because she needs the mental stimulation. She’s bright and I’m not imaginative enough to keep her entertained the rest of time. Nor do I have the energy. 2 year old is well and truly in the terrible 2s stage. Everything is answered with a no don’t want to and everything is a battle.

I’m really struggling. I’m exhausted. I need to manage a lot of risk at work and I need to be on the ball. I can’t sleep properly. I can’t keep on top of the house but the chaos and mess affects my mental health. I have a significant anniversary of a family death coming up. I’m eating rubbish and have no time or energy to exercise. It’s a vicious cycle.

My default mode is to just carry on. I can’t put more work on an already strapped team but similarly I don’t feel I can go on trying to juggle home and work.

I think of all the frontline NHS staff who must have it so much worse and feel a bit pathetic TBH. I know so many people are faced with massive financial uncertainty and we are lucky to be secure.

I’m not sure what I’m asking. Just wanted to know I’m not alone.

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Mayhemmumma Thu 30-Apr-20 09:04:47

My DH isnt a key worker, I am...hes a self employed builder though and is back at work as we couldn't wait until june for financial support.
I'm doing a few home visits but mostly working from home, children age 6 and 8 - very good/easy to entertain and willing to do school work and its still bloody hard so I can only imagine how you are feeling.

I am also struggling with house chaos but on a good day accept that is how it is, I'm constantly tidying but no real cleaning..constant food prep and clearing away feels like constant mess.

Get an early a night as you can. Do stretches maybe and accept exercise isnt happening right now. Be kind on yourself because you're not exaggerating, its really tough.

Wigglegiggle0520 Thu 30-Apr-20 09:12:31

Thank you. I feel like I have no one to talk to about it and no one really empathises. It’s so hard and there is no end in sight!

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Mumof1andacat Thu 30-Apr-20 09:21:37

As you are both key workers, can your 2 yr old go to nursery as normal ? If your normal nursery is closed your trust should be able to give you a list of ones that are open

Wigglegiggle0520 Thu 30-Apr-20 09:40:59

My little one was only in nursery 2 mornings a week prior to this. My mum helped out a lot. I haven’t sent her in since the schools were closed because I’m worried about passing the virus to my 5 year old who is at risk. Do you have to pay if you send them full time do you know? I wasn’t sure how it works.
I’m now office based at work in an effort to protect my 5 year old as well. My DH isn’t public facing so we can manage the risk to her better.
My head feels like exploding just thinking about it all to be honest. I have no idea if we are doing the right thing in trying to protect the 5 year old or not.

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