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No temp or cough

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Nightowl92 Wed 29-Apr-20 15:12:13

I just haven’t felt well the last few days but my temp is normal and I don’t have a cough? I have a sore throat. Get chills and the occasional hot sweat in the night and occasionally feel sick. I also have an intermittent migraine behind my eye. I do suffer really bad anxiety as well so I don’t know if it could be this? Without a temp or a cough on the NHS 111 form it says it’s unlikely to be Covid? Just wondered if anyone thought maybe it still could be or if it’s due to my ongoing anxiety at the minute? I go out once a week to the supermarket and stay 6 feet apart from everybody and ensure I leave most shopping 24 hours and spray down with anti bac what I can.

Sorry I’m just stressing a little 😔

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insideyourkit Wed 29-Apr-20 15:40:26

Sounds like you have more symptoms than I do and yet doctor said mine ‘could’ be covid. I only contacted the doctor because I was fed up of my throat I presumed he would just prescribe some sort of throat relief stuff. He’s prescribed antihistamine antibiotics and an anti inflammatory ( still waiting for the chemist call to say they’re ready) and told me I need to isolate. Can you do a telephone consultation? or a test is viable up to 5 days at a testing centre? I hope you get it sorted whatever it is. Please update and let us know how you get on. (I also have anxiety so know what it’s like!)

Nightowl92 Wed 29-Apr-20 15:54:27

@insideyourkit thanks for your reply. I will contact my doctors when they re open tomorrow and maybe see if I can get a telephone appointment to speak to a doctor.

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insideyourkit Wed 29-Apr-20 16:03:17

@Nightowl92 good luck!

Nightowl92 Wed 29-Apr-20 17:01:15

Thank you! I’ve contacted the doctors who are going to get someone from the test centre to contact me as I live with a vulnerable adult. So I’ll let you know!

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insideyourkit Thu 30-Apr-20 07:50:13

@Nightowl92 fingers crossed it’s good news.

insideyourkit Sat 02-May-20 21:53:22

Hope you’re feeling ok and have had someone get in touch. @Nightowl92

missloum Sat 02-May-20 22:01:38

Following as off yesterday I had sore throat, slight cough, on and off, chills on and off feeling cold then sweating no temp! Had burning sensation on my cheeks under eyes and feeling heavy in eyes,

yearinyearout Sat 02-May-20 22:15:47

I had the same symptoms a few weeks ago, they were kind of spread out though. So I had a banging headache one day, sore throat the next, then a few days feeling off. I was getting occasional waves of nausea and feeling clammy. I did wonder if it was mild symptoms of covid.

missloum Sat 02-May-20 22:28:23

Was your throat showing any red lines around tonsils or back of throat, I think mines all viral related in some way

SpillTheTeaa Sat 02-May-20 22:37:10

I had a scratchy throat for a few days but it didn't hurt when I swallowed. No temp and no cough but I did have a tight chest on and off and a lump in my throat which wouldn't clear also had heart palpitations that come and go. I've also got anxiety which made it worse because I'm so scared of getting Covid-19. I don't go to the shops at all and only do deliveries and click and collects as other people in my family are still going to the shop and pick me up the bits I need if missing off shopping as partner is high risk so lucky we have help in that way. Only go for a walk with DS as we don't have a garden.
Sometimes for me, maybe not for everyone because my anxiety is bad anyway I make myself feel worse because I convinced myself that's what it was. Literally all day my mind was focused on my symptoms and almost waiting for them to get worse sad. Feel a bit better today, lump in throat has cleared and scratchy feeling gone. Fingers crossed it everything stays clear. Probably was nothing but you'll never know. Best to be on your guard

insideyourkit Sun 03-May-20 08:21:47

@missloum I have had flushed cheeks flare up but I just presumed it was rosacea flaring up as I’ve had them do that before (along with acne!) I didn’t realise that it could be a symptom until I read it on a chart. Also my throat didn’t look any different to what it normally did as far as I know. (I did a post about my symptoms to see if anyone else had had it the same. It seems like people with mild symptoms all seem to get it slightly differently and it’s very similar to other ailments @yearinyearout. @SpillTheTeaa I get anxiety too and it really does rationalise those intense thoughts so that you believe them. (My teeth ache with fear every time dh has to leave the house) It is horrid, lots of distractions are the key especially something like crochet or a book that can draw you in. (I’ve been doing lots of distracting and my mind seems a lot clearer.) I was also putting a note in my calendar every night with what symptoms I thought I had so I could keep track. The only things you can do is keep taking precautions, clean anything that comes into your home, clean your key and door handles inside and out and anything else you may have inadvertently touched (after going for a walk too) and keep yourself clean and ensure your ds does the same. If you haven’t got masks there are now some easy no sew ones I’ve seen made out of T-shirt’s on the web admittedly some look a lot better than others! Hope everyone stars to feel better soon.

Saladd0dger Sun 03-May-20 08:39:04

Iv have the worlds sorest throat for days now and have started coughing. Ibuprofen, paracetamol and throat numbing spray aren’t doing much. I can’t eat it’s that swollen. I keep getting waves of temps and sweating. Sometimes I’m a wheezy but I’m asthmatic and always get wheezy when unwell. Does this sound like Covid or another virus going around?

Mintjulia Sun 03-May-20 08:56:49

Can you let us know what your outcome was?
I have exactly the same symptoms. I developed sore tonsils on April 1st, no cough, no fever, two short periods of being very hot and then very cold, a mild headache, and very tired for a week.

The sore throat lasted a month and is fading now. The other symptoms were over within a week.

Mintjulia Sun 03-May-20 09:00:29

@saladd0dger I’d go to the NHS 111 website, given the asthma. Or call your surgery and ask for a phone consultation. It can’t hurt to let your GP know.

Saladd0dger Sun 03-May-20 11:15:55

I spoke to a Covid doctor on 111 and he said it sounds like a severe throat infection and not Covid. Awaiting local out of hours to call to see if I can get antibiotics. Thanks xx

Nightowl92 Sun 03-May-20 20:25:26

Hi guys I’m so sorry to leave it so late to reply, so I had my call with the test centre and they advised currently they are mainly testing people who are key works or come in to contact with other people (I’m on furlough) however she ran through the questions with me and she said that without a temp or cough it would be unlikely I have it although some of my symptoms can also show in covid-19 patients. She said if covid was not existent she would put down to hay fever and anxiety. However I was advised to self isolate. She said to call back to 111 if symptoms got worse or I was short of breathe to call 999 She also said by short of breathe she means as in can not complete a full sentence. To reassure everybody when I spoke to her I asked if this was
Covid what would happen she said that it mostly shows mild in the majority of people and plenty of people treat this at home and recover fine. She also said a lot of people of having similar symptoms due to anxiety and that a lot of people we’re having tests thinking they had it and were negative and some people (nhs and keyworkers) who were being tested without symptoms were testing positive. So she said try not to worry too much it probably isn’t and if it is for most people they will recover at home x hope this helps a little x

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PeachOrchid27 Sun 03-May-20 20:37:03

A member of Staff at my sons special school tested positive with no symptoms at all.

insideyourkit Mon 04-May-20 08:59:08

@Nightowl92 that’s good news and relieving too! I hope you start to get better soon. Stay safe!

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