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Under His sausage, blessed be the alcohol, ak47s and online deliveries

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PrincessConsueIaBananaHammock Wed 29-Apr-20 13:54:08

And over,and under, to the left a bit ,to the right , ahhh right there! That's the spot!

Just keep killing...killing...killing

And breathing, and laughing, and moaning and ranting.

We ran out of soldiers and escaped the clap.
We cried and laughed and did silly crafts.
We analysed dogging and penis whips.

Assholes, plump vags , shit deliveries and hexing.

What mayhem will we discover next?

The web is dark and full of horrors... as well as faithful bananians marching valiantly over the hill to sit on benches and eat crisps.

Carry on my weary fluffballs of doom!

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Smilethoyourheartisbreaking Wed 29-Apr-20 13:58:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

loobyloo1234 Wed 29-Apr-20 14:05:01

Reporting for duty

Willow2017 Wed 29-Apr-20 14:05:58

Here am ur. Ready to take up the challenges ak47s that life throws at us yellow rebels.

If that first post doesnt scare away the frothers then nothing will but its like a beacon in the darkness to us murderers grin

Pinkginhelps Wed 29-Apr-20 14:07:37

Under his sausage oh most sage and illustrious of leaders and Bananian comrades,

Thank you for another thread to save our sanity our all knowing and witty princess.

I was enjoying the man candy on the last thread. Hopefully it's cheered our lovely wilting Lilac up. It's certainly brightened up this rather damp day for me or should that be , made this day a little damper blush...

Princess...a book with the title I'm not fat, just hard to kidnap has best seller written all over it. And could of course be played by your favourite irreverent Australian actress.

PrincessConsueIaBananaHammock Wed 29-Apr-20 14:14:36

smile can't reply to your PM for some reason but I see you've found your way anyways.

Pink make sure you out a warning sign near that puddle.grin

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CrowCat Wed 29-Apr-20 14:15:53

Present and correct after a small killing spree to buy coffee and jelly babies. Essentials and all.

Can I be under Zac Efron's sausage? Maybe we could cast him in the Bananian Princess and her murderous minions of doom movie? He can play the part of my imaginary DP in which case the part of me will be played by me 

How's it going @LilacTree1? Hopefully our objectifying of men has cheered you up a bit? I know it's trivial but I hope it made you smile smile

Willow2017 Wed 29-Apr-20 14:23:39

Yes it was bad time to run out of thread with all those lovely photos to look at!
I think Norman and Jeff could be cast as my 2 husbands in my 'open relationship of 3' (Sigourney sling yer hook)

PrincessConsueIaBananaHammock Wed 29-Apr-20 14:26:13

No one said it needs to stop. grin

Slightly busy mulling over my hard to kidnap book plot.

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Willow2017 Wed 29-Apr-20 14:31:41

Oh wait make that 4 wink

CrowCat Wed 29-Apr-20 14:36:28

Ooh Willow that could be a plot twist, we all have multiple partners but everyone's ok with it. In that case I'm having Zac Efron and Jared Leto.

Maybe it's a commune overseen by our beloved Princess and guarded by vikings. And we all take AKs with us when we go shopping because we can't get deliveries online.

Pringletastic Wed 29-Apr-20 14:39:36

Rushing in, got a bit delayed, had to pick a little something up.

CrowCat Wed 29-Apr-20 14:42:07

Pringle one word: oof

Willow2017 Wed 29-Apr-20 14:46:55

Was he click and collect Pringle?

Willow2017 Wed 29-Apr-20 14:47:59

And we all take AKs with us when we go shopping because we can't get deliveries online.
If I took an AK47 to get shopping there would be social distancing and then some!!

PrincessConsueIaBananaHammock Wed 29-Apr-20 14:48:40

Didn't realise the new thread was actually the post that closed the old thread. Talk about cutting it close.

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Smilethoyourheartisbreaking Wed 29-Apr-20 14:57:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PrincessConsueIaBananaHammock Wed 29-Apr-20 14:58:59

Random question..anyone read any books by Amanda M. Lee?

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Smilethoyourheartisbreaking Wed 29-Apr-20 15:18:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Willow2017 Wed 29-Apr-20 15:21:40

We are all going to be too knackered to breath on nyone never mind to kill anyone, but what a way to go....

CrowCat Wed 29-Apr-20 15:29:15

I will gladly 'suffer' lockdown forever with companions like you all plus all the luscious guys we'd have adoring us daily. Or hourly. Whichever grin

Smilethoyourheartisbreaking Wed 29-Apr-20 15:29:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Maxandezra Wed 29-Apr-20 15:32:39

ooooh you have all been busy whilst Ive been off at work haven't you!

Thanks for the new thread oh most wonderous princess banana leader.

now, time for a cuppa and a catch up on the end of the last thread.....nice!

Shitsgettingcrazy Wed 29-Apr-20 15:32:45

Howdy! Just checking in so I don't lose you all!

BogRollBOGOF Wed 29-Apr-20 16:17:25

Ooh, I've clearly been missing out on something here. I've got my dressing gown on, a towel and a bag of nuts for some protein, so I'm ready for some apocalypse action.
Blessed be the fruit loops. grin

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