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Nursery re-opening

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TriangleBingoBongo Wed 29-Apr-20 12:09:43

Our nursery closed in March and I’ve just had a message to say they are re-opening to children of key workers.

Is this a sign people are starting to relax things (probably because financially they need to)?

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usernotfound0000 Wed 29-Apr-20 12:25:22

Our nursery has remained open for key workers throughout. Maybe they didn't have enough staff due to self-isolating but now do.

insancerre Wed 29-Apr-20 12:30:35

I work in a nursery and we have remained open
We also can’t do social distancing because of the size of the setting
We have ppe that we wear to do handovers and we dont allow the parents in to the room but apart from that it’s pretty much business as usual for the children and staff that are here
Lots of nurseries closed thinking they could claim the funding and furlough staff but have since found that they can’t claim for furloughing the percentage of staff wages paid by the funding, so many are now reopening to balance the books
It’s more to do with money than with returning to normality

TriangleBingoBongo Wed 29-Apr-20 12:36:43

It’s more to do with money than with returning to normality

I didn’t doubt this, in turn if everyone’s priority starts to shift to making money (rather than protecting staff) and balancing books we will return to normality by default.

I don’t know the details, but I understand they always had staff it was just that it became unworkable.

They also asked at the outset who were key workers and so think to ask again they might be reviewing their criteria?

Who knows. I’m not sure if it’s a positive sign or not.

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