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New rules on who can be tested - and the shielding group??

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MereDintofPandiculation Wed 29-Apr-20 11:22:16

Surely if they have symptoms then they seek medical attention. And since they are shielding, medical attention is likely to be over a phone or video link, so it would be really helpful to the doctor to know whether they actually have Covid.

Also, since the feeling is that the letter means "you've got zero chance of treatment if you get it" people will want to know what the situation is before alerting medical authorities. the reasoning may go "if I'm going to die anyway, I'd prefer to do it at home than alone in a hospital".

However, according to the website, shielded under 65s don't seem to be included. The categories are: self isolating essential worker; have a clinical referral; 65+ with symptoms; must travel to work, with symptoms

mynameiscalypso Wed 29-Apr-20 11:17:29

I'm borderline shielded (my rheumatologist agreed that I didn't need to be included although I technically qualify) and am supposed to seek immediate medical help if I show any symptoms because of my compromised immune system - presumably that would then result in testing. I presume others have been similar advice so they font need to be officially included in the expansion of tests as they already would be tested (if that makes any sense at all!)

MereDintofPandiculation Wed 29-Apr-20 11:11:45

If you're shielding then you have been home and are supposed to stay there, it's not like you can infect other people. Of course you can. You can be infected by the people who live with you (or conceivably by picking up the post from the floor or touching the shopping) so equally you can pass it on to people who live with you.

nether Wed 29-Apr-20 11:09:33

The eligible group now includes all over 65s and their households as well. And everyone WOH

But not, it seems exceptionally vulnerable and household, even when it could make an immediate and practical difference if they knew whether a symptomatic household member had it or not.

Unless of course I've missed something important (always possible)

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Wingedharpy Wed 29-Apr-20 09:59:12

The test is supposed to be for people , in the eligible groups, who have symptoms.

NHS staff, Care home staff and care home residents qualify whether they are symptomatic or not.

All hospital in patients were mentioned too, but I can't find that written down anywhere.

PhoneLock Wed 29-Apr-20 09:06:42

It got my hopes up too until I realised that it wasn't an antibody test. I'm eligible, as is my husband, but I can't see the the point in having it done unless we have symptoms.

nether Wed 29-Apr-20 09:05:43

PS: yes I know it's not an antibody test. I was thinking of immediate protection when I asked

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nether Wed 29-Apr-20 09:03:28

The use is if they are not living alone, and if a cohabitant has had to make an absolutely essential trip beyond the house and later becomes symptomatic. Distancing within the home may not be sufficient at this point.

(Or if the shielded person has had to leave the house for essential medical treatment, as not all will always require instant hospital admission)

Do take it from the responses that no-one has seen anything that says shielded households are included (unless it also contains a qualifying worker or an over-65)?

Or are they stating that they are definitely not included, and will not be?

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Mascotte Wed 29-Apr-20 08:57:43

Yes, it’s not an antibody test to see if you’ve had the disease or been exposed. Those are not yet available in a reliable form.

Icequeen01 Wed 29-Apr-20 08:55:58

Also, people seem to think this test is going to solve the problem. The test is only good for the day it is done - a bit like an MOT. The following day you could go in the supermarket or on a bus and pick up the virus. It isn't a cure sadly.

CaptainMyCaptain Wed 29-Apr-20 08:54:49

The letter sent out to "shielded" people only runs for 12 weeks so I wonder what happens after that? Yes, that is my worry, also if the children go back to school before then. I think the shielding ends in June. Two of the children are in year 10 and one in year 6, they really need to go back to school.

Icequeen01 Wed 29-Apr-20 08:51:19

Sorry your DD!

Icequeen01 Wed 29-Apr-20 08:50:29

@CaptainmyCaptain but presumably when that happens those people will no longer fall under the "shielded" category (please don't think I am in any way playing down the seriousness of your DH's condition) and would therefore be entitled to the test? The letter sent out to "shielded" people only runs for 12 weeks so I wonder what happens after that?

RedAzalea Wed 29-Apr-20 08:44:12

What will testing that group achieve?

Surely if they have symptoms then they seek medical attention.

ChardonnaysPetDragon Wed 29-Apr-20 08:42:53

If you're shielding then you have been home and are supposed to stay there, it's not like you can infect other people.

This is about preventing the spread when lockdown is relaxed.

CaptainMyCaptain Wed 29-Apr-20 08:41:39

Sooner or later the families of the shielded group will have to go out - to school or work which makes it possible for them to bring the virus in. In the media generally there seems to be an assumption that the people in this group are all over 70. DD is 40 and has four children, her husband works but is wfh at the moment. She has a job but is signed off sick as well as being shielded at the moment. I really worry about what will happen when rules relax.

HarrietOh Wed 29-Apr-20 08:40:07

Agree - what use is a test to someone who is shielding? They are isolating regardless. Even if they have a test and it’s negative to show they don’t have CV right now what would that change?

Icequeen01 Wed 29-Apr-20 08:37:36

But presumably if someone is "shielded" they haven't been outside so have no chance of having the virus so wouldn't need the test? I thought the point of the test was to ascertain if someone who has been in contact or feels unwell has the virus so they know whether they have to self isolate without having half the country self isolating when they haven't got the virus?

But happy to be corrected though if I have misunderstood!

nether Wed 29-Apr-20 06:08:35

Now it's been extended to all the over 65s and their households.

But no word on the 'shield' group (not defined by a,pond the medical most vulnerable)

Are they just to be left to the wolves?

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