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I’ve just ordered 2kg, yes 2kg of sweets from Amazon!

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ShiftyOwl Wed 29-Apr-20 00:16:30

Usually I might grab a bag of sweets when I pop to the shops or fill the car up.
I’ve not eaten any sweets since mid March and so I’ve just ordered a mahoosive bulk bag of Chewy Sweets from Amazon.
What is wrong with me!
They are due to arrive on Friday, what’s the betting that they will be gone by Monday.......
We are a family of two.

Has anyone else ordered something that you would never ever ordinarily order?

I feel sick already and they’ve not arrived yet 😂

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JustStayHome Wed 29-Apr-20 00:19:26

Thats not that many i dont think....

Can you link?
I just ordered a small container to a friend... Bet i could of got a better deal :/

Redolent Wed 29-Apr-20 00:22:06

I panic bought a power bank after reading on here that there may be COVID-related power cuts. Now waiting for said cuts to happen so that my hasty purchase can feel justified.

ShiftyOwl Wed 29-Apr-20 00:23:11

No idea whether they are good value or not but here they are...

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ShiftyOwl Wed 29-Apr-20 00:24:31

@Redolent we had a power cut today, only 15 mins but hey!!

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MinorArcana Wed 29-Apr-20 00:24:59

There’s a sweet shop local to me that’s selling 1kg and 2kg boxes of custom pick and mix, and delivering them to the customers door for a small fee. We’re within their delivery range.

I’ve been seriously considering this. It’s far more sweets than we’d normally buy at once, but it’d be supporting a small business....

Redolent Wed 29-Apr-20 00:26:50

OK I’d be all over those pink raspberry ones!

ShiftyOwl Wed 29-Apr-20 00:27:59

@MinorArcana erm.... go for it, that business will be really appreciative.

I’ll also feel much better 😂

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vodkaredbullgirl Wed 29-Apr-20 00:28:50

I probably have in the past month lol.

ShiftyOwl Wed 29-Apr-20 00:33:16

My next purchase is going to be a mixture of fruit salad and black jacks.

Surely the fruit salad counts towards something of my 5 per day.....

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oneoffname Wed 29-Apr-20 00:43:23

Peanut butter pretzels. Haven't opened the box yet, it's only arrived on Friday and I leave the boxes unopened in the hall for a few days in case of nastier lurking on the cardboard. But I reckon I might need to open it tomorrow or Thursday. Can't wait!

ShiftyOwl Wed 29-Apr-20 00:48:09

Oh my, peanut butter pretzels. I need these!!!

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DamnYankee Wed 29-Apr-20 00:53:04

I just looked that up. In the US, that's about 4 lbs, right?
We have ordered puzzles, books...and a Ouija board, which the children were less than impressed with.
My biweekly (curbside delivery) wine weighs more than 4 lbs grin
Nothing whatsoever wrong with you.
Yay to supporting small businesses!

user127819 Wed 29-Apr-20 00:54:38

I've bought from in the past. Traditional and newer sweets sold in 250g quantities. I think I'm going to be ordering again now...

Holothane Wed 29-Apr-20 01:05:50

Well our local sells me a box of salted caramel twixes they are to die for love them I have one a day.

ParkheadParadise Wed 29-Apr-20 01:14:29

Enjoy your sweets
I have a fully stocked at ALL times sweetie cupboard.
Percy pigs
Strawberry mushrooms
Cola bottles
Chocolate bananas
Jelly babies
Plus a load of chocolate.
I couldn't function without my sweetie stash🤣🤣

Righteouswarrior Wed 29-Apr-20 02:21:07

When I managed to get an asda delivery slot a couple of weeks ago I went a bit overboard buying loads of sweets (as well as a fortnight's worth of grocery shopping). Still have loads left as I did get sick of eating them. But hey the expiry dates give me 18 months to eat them and I'm sure they won't be wasted

H1978 Wed 29-Apr-20 03:48:42

I ordered a few packs of Cadbury’s mini eggs from eBay as I haven’t been out shopping for weeks so couldn’t stock up before they disappear until next Easter 😳 currently quarantined in the shed but due to come out in a couple of days 🤣

VegALicious Wed 29-Apr-20 04:10:39

Enjoy your sweets! I ordered a bunch of different sweets from Iceland which are due today grin

Wine gums
Strawberry laces

I was just sad they don't sell Drumsticks or Bonbons. I do love the retro sweets of my youth lol

lovelyupnorth Wed 29-Apr-20 04:14:28

We’ve had a couple of deliveries from a local sweet shop.

browzingss Wed 29-Apr-20 04:16:22

No judgment as I’ve been buying lots of treats, but I’d rather spend £15 on snacks that I actually like instead of a random giant bag of Amazon sweets! Have you tried them before?

Doodledoom Wed 29-Apr-20 06:19:45

Whatever you do, DO NOT order the big cheap bag of gummy bears!

They give you the shits 😂 the reviews are brilliant for them 😂

lovelyupnorth Wed 29-Apr-20 06:42:24

We’ve just had two kilos of cheese delivered as well.

greytminds Wed 29-Apr-20 06:46:06

I’ve done similar - bought a 1.8kg jar of jelly belly jelly beans. I’ve hidden them next to my work desk and I consider them my emergency energy boost. Sleep deprivation, no time to myself and juggling almost full time work with a toddler - I just fancied one treat that I didn’t have to share! I’m hoping it will last a good few weeks.

RebelWhoWashesFor19Seconds Wed 29-Apr-20 06:53:07

I bought a big box of Bassets hard liquorice sticks last week. 75 sticks of delicious childhood memories.

They were all eaten in less than a week. I'm the only person in this house who likes liquorice.

I still have a quarter of a tub of Squirrel Cherry lips left now. Again, I'm the only person in this house who likes them.

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