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Deaths in Care Homes

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pinkkoala Tue 28-Apr-20 23:47:47

It also depends on the wishes of the family and if they have a dnar in place. At the end of the day the care home is their home and that maybe where they would like to be towrds the end. Ours has a 24 hr nursing floor and they can be as comfortable as possible and the family already have a rapport with the staff.

Backyard72 Tue 28-Apr-20 23:42:36

I can't believe the Govt. could get away with keeping patients who have a chance of recovery away from hospital treatment patchwork, so I guess it must be the low success possibility.

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ParkheadParadise Tue 28-Apr-20 23:42:15

My mum also died in a care home 2 years ago. On her end of life plan I asked that she shouldn't be taken to hospital. She did have a DNR in place.
She had dementia taking her to hospital would have been horrendous for her.
If she was still here now I would say the same.

Backyard72 Tue 28-Apr-20 23:39:51

Do you mean most people in care homes are too fragile to be transferred? Makes sense if that is the case I suppose.

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Patchworksack Tue 28-Apr-20 23:39:24

They are not deemed suitable for hospital treatment because it's unlikely to be successful in a frail elderly patient with multiple co-morbidities. Taking them away from their home and the staff who know them is not in their interests.
And b) keeping them out of the government death figures keeps it more palatable. The ONS doesn't report these deaths until weeks down the line and some will be reported as non-covid as no testing.

LuckyMarmiteLover Tue 28-Apr-20 23:37:34

My mum died in her nursing home nearly 4 years ago. Transferring her to a hospital would have been awful and I’m glad she died there rather than facing the trauma of a transfer to hospital.

Backyard72 Tue 28-Apr-20 23:33:02

Maybe this is a silly question but why are so many dying in care homes? Surely they should be transferred to hospital for treatment?

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