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Can my partner travel to Devon to collect his son?

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iwantitalltobenormal Tue 28-Apr-20 22:08:57

My fiancé has an older ds (10) who lives In Devon, his mum took him there when he was 2 after a split with my DP as that’s where her parents live. Before lockdown my DP would visit twice a month for long weekends ,around 200 miles away, or bring him back down here to where we live to stay for a few days ,we also have a DS (2) together .

Now in lockdown , my DP is missing him more than ever and is crying most evenings and is so sad that he can’t see him or can’t go and get him,

My question is , can he ? Can he go and collect him and bring him back down here for a few days ? He hates that he can only see him twice a month anyway due to distance and his job entails weekend work, and he also has to have at least one weekend with us too.

So what should he do? Would he get stopped ? Can he go and get him?

Any advice please - thank you.

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Dowser Tue 28-Apr-20 22:12:19

Nothing would keep me from a loved one

Lifesabeach86 Tue 28-Apr-20 22:12:56

I'd say go and get him OP! It is allowed for children to still move between separated families

snackarella Tue 28-Apr-20 22:22:41

Yes he can go. Separated families are allowed to swap kids around.
The distance shouldn't make any difference

backaftera2yearbreak Tue 28-Apr-20 22:44:00

Yes. Children are allowed to travel between their parents.

LBOCS2 Tue 28-Apr-20 22:54:44

I drove 6 hours (return journey) to take 13yo DSS back to his mum's at the weekend. Two weeks prior, I drove the same distance to collect him. Movement between two homes is allowed.

BenjiB Tue 28-Apr-20 23:09:54

Of course he can.

AlecTrevelyan006 Tue 28-Apr-20 23:14:06


JKScot4 Tue 28-Apr-20 23:16:29

if it’s a fair distance I’d make it longer than a few days.
I’m a bit hmm at your DP crying every night, does he not Skype him?

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