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How are your Year11s coping ?

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happymummy2010 Tue 28-Apr-20 19:37:33

I'm getting worried about my year 11 DS, he just seems so low.

Up to March 20th, everything was full on and he was busy preparing for his upcoming GCSEs but since the exams were cancelled, he has nothing to do and spends all his time sitting in his bedroom playing on his laptop. He talks to a few friends occasionally but he says he is lonely and misses being in school. School haven't really been in touch much. They have promised to provide some A-level prep work, but that hasn't been sent yet. I have suggested he looks at some online courses, but he doesn't seem to have any motivation and I try to encourage him to go for a daily walk.

I think it's going to be a tough 5 months for them, because even with some lockdown restrictions lifted I can't see them being able to go out and about and meet up with their friends.

How are your Yr 11 DC coping being stuck at home ?

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