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This isn’t a normal level of anxiety is it?

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FlabberMcBlasted Tue 28-Apr-20 15:26:29

We’ve been in the house from the off. Walking yes but no shop, queue, other humans anywhere near us for over 5 weeks. I’m talking no closer than maybe 10 metres.

Today I opened the window to ask the postman to leave the parcel on the doorstep and he came over and gave me the post into my hand. Less than 2 metres and pretty close. I politely said thank you but now I am totally panicking. I actually had tears in my eyes. That’s a little too ridiculous isn’t it. A 5 second encounter. How do I come out of the other side of this and actually return to civilisation? I do have a person being shielded but I know that this is a silly reaction. He didn’t lick me but he was very close. Argh.

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RyanBergarasTeeth Tue 28-Apr-20 15:35:05

Not a normal level of anxiety op and you know this. Whats making you so afraid? Talk about it here and some knowledgable people will know how best to help. I wish it was as simple as saying get a grip but i know its hard.

FlabberMcBlasted Tue 28-Apr-20 15:37:23

The problem is I know it’s silly. I know it’s unreasonable but I still do it!

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Realitea Tue 28-Apr-20 15:56:25

It’s quite normal at the moment to be anxious if someone comes close like the postman did.
I had the same fear last week when I had to go in the chemist.
We will take a while to adapt again once we can go outside and be how we used to be. It’s hardly surprising given what’s going on to be like this.

AmelieTaylor Tue 28-Apr-20 16:08:40

No, no it's not, but it's not a normal situation either.

It's very difficult when you've got a loved one who is shielding. The responsibility to keep them safe is immense. Every little thing just feels SO risky.

It's understandable you feel so anxious

Learning to be 'less polite' is steep curve for many of us. I have been very annoyed with myself for doing things like that out of politeness. I'm trying hard to stop being so 'British' and not worrying so much about offending someone. ...I can't say I'm succeeding, but I am trying and I'm doing better at not putting myself in that position in the first place. Do maybe watch the postman (he's most likely to just leave it anyway but be prepared to call Out if he doesn't, rather than reach out to him beforehand.

But you know you'll be ok from today's post. Just open it, discard envelopes & wash your hands. The 20 seconds he was near you are an incredibly small risk.

Look after yourself as well as your shielded person. 🌷

FlabberMcBlasted Tue 28-Apr-20 20:09:29

Thank you for being kind. You’re right about the polite thing. I could see him coming and what I wanted to do was shut the window in his face. Instead I was incredibly British and took the bloody post. I knew I’d be a mess after and yet I still did it! I’d already spoken to him on the doorbell but it was pouring and he really didn’t want to put the post down (I’d forgotten to leave the box out the front which was my fault) so I felt bad that he was getting wet and I was wasting his time. Reading that back. I’m clearly a right wimp at the best of times so this is bringing out the worst of me!

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SMJ87 Wed 29-Apr-20 14:38:45

OP I was exactly the same! I was struggling big time it was making my feel Ill!! I took everything to the extreme! I have not been in 1 shop since lockdown but I'm not as bad as I was & do you know why? It's because I've not been googling, watching the news and reading anything about it!! Have you been googling etc? X

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