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When will hobbies and sport resume?

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salemcat Tue 28-Apr-20 14:44:09

Wish I knew, we are a completely involved in our rugby club, we are all desperate to go back, but I dont see it any time in the next 5/6 months sadly.

PersonaNonGarter Tue 28-Apr-20 14:36:06

Well no one on this thread is going to know, are they?

Sorry to be blunt, OP. Lots of people will feel like your DD. It’s hard but you need to lead the way - and show her it is not the end of the world.

delightfuldaisy19 Tue 28-Apr-20 14:33:47

Feeling really sad today. I can cope with home schooling, internet shopping, not going to the pub etc etc.

But Dd has just asked me if she will get to train with her football team or have a match again.

I honestly don't know the could be ages. I don't want to trot out the 'it could be 18 months until we find a vaccine' as that is an eternity when you are 10!

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