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Those who are worried about their job stability, what do you do?

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Dododododido Tue 28-Apr-20 07:01:44

I'm worried about the stability of my job after this. I work in conveyancing which has obviously slowed right the way down and whether it'll pick back up again any time soon is unknown.

I've been furloughed and I worry that I'll likely be made redundant before long.

I've seen a few people say their jobs will be safe thankfully. If you're worried like me, what is it you do?

This whole situation has honestly made me want to look at getting a 'safer' job in the future.

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Parkandride Tue 28-Apr-20 07:05:07

Use the time to look at alternative careers, do some training from home if you can and get a handle on your finances. It's awful feeling insecure sad
That qualifications do you have? Have you had other jobs before?

Dododododido Tue 28-Apr-20 07:10:39

I've never done anything else unfortunately. Started off in an admin role, worked my way up through apprenticeships and training to become a conveyancer. It's all I've done since I left school!

I have been thinking for a while of changing career but of course that will be incredibly difficult right now. And training/courses unfortunately cost money.

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frillyfucks Tue 28-Apr-20 07:11:21

I'm a chartered surveyor specialising in rural property, so linked in with your career OP. I don't really do much transactional property work but I'm in estate management and I think our company will be affected by the slowing of the property market and the potential for some rural estates to be sold on the back of this. I also worry about the commercial property sector as this lockdown will fundamentally change the way we work and have a direct impact on office space in the UK.

Luckily I went on mat leave shortly before this shitstorm hit, and so I'm not effected by furlough but many of my colleagues are. I worry about whether there will be a wave of redundancies before I return and I will be easy pickings because I'm not currently demonstrating my worth.

frillyfucks Tue 28-Apr-20 07:14:08

Whoops - hit post too soon! I'm looking into diversification ideas whilst on mat leave. We're farmers so I'm looking at adding value to some of our produce and either setting up a farm shop or a home delivery service. I need to do a lot more research into it but I wonder whether we will see a shift in shopping habits off the back of this and people will be less compelled to supermarket shop and will instead support local businesses.

IdrisElbow Tue 28-Apr-20 07:17:58

I work in the charity sector (large national charity). Currently furloughed. Not sure whether there will be redundancies but am bracing myself for it at some point. I have a teaching qualification and am keeping my eye out for teaching jobs.

Fleurchamp Tue 28-Apr-20 07:18:35

I am a Wills and Probate solicitor, business is booming. It isn't as cyclical as conveyancing, there is generally a steady stream of work.
Are you a licensed conveyancer? You can do Wills without any qualifications but I seem to remember licensed conveyancers can do a probate qualification. Does the firm you work for do private client work? Knowing property law is very useful anyway (I used to do conveyancing work too).

Dododododido Tue 28-Apr-20 07:21:29

Thanks Fleur. Yes our wills and probate team is very busy right now! We're a full service law firm but our conveyancing dept (among others) has been stripped basically bare with furloughing.

It's just hard not knowing where the housing market will be.

I've been keeping an eye open for jobs in other departments with different firms but there's nothing really happening right now, I don't think people will be wanting to hire right now whether they are busy still or not.

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Fleurchamp Tue 28-Apr-20 07:32:47

It is going to be hard to know just yet what is going to happen with residential property.
Personally, I want to move when this is all over! I am sick of my house.
Good luck OP!

Waxonwaxoff0 Tue 28-Apr-20 07:37:34

I have no idea. I'm in a low paid job, I don't have any qualifications.

We have Amazon warehouses nearby, business is probably booming there so I'd probably apply there. Maybe do evenings for a bit more money.

waveafterwaveafterwave Tue 28-Apr-20 07:43:34

I work in tourism so very worried right now. No summer season will be devastating, but even worse if this goes on until Christmas and effects the festive season too.

pirateparker Tue 28-Apr-20 07:47:07

Commercial property sector here, and I am very worried. My partner refuses to think it’ll be a problem tho...?!

Dododododido Tue 28-Apr-20 07:51:56

Mine too Pirate. He thinks people will still be wanting to buy especially FTBs and landlords and that mortgage lenders will want to encourage it.

I'm not too confident. I'm sure it will pick back up eventually but my concern is how long that takes and the damage that will have happened in the meantime in terms of redundancies.

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Mimishimi Tue 28-Apr-20 08:09:13

I'm not worried about the 'stability' as such as I am pretty much self employed as a hair/makeup artist (or work with others for larger groups) but there is simply no work for me at the moment as everyone's events have been cancelled. I am hoping that I will pick up some more corporate photos work.

Smileyoriley Tue 28-Apr-20 14:04:50

I work for a charity and prior to this worked frontline as allied HP. I am coming up to retirement and hoping to cling on for a couple more years but realistically may have to go back to people facing role- not ideal as DH in vulnerable group. Also desperate to move house and don't think I'm alone OP.

cheeseislife8 Tue 28-Apr-20 14:26:51

My DH is a chef, which is very worrying. I think a lot may be considering a career change when all this is over

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