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How would meeting close friends/family work when allowed?

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Cherryghost Mon 27-Apr-20 22:33:38

I know Boris said no relaxation of rules just yet but there has been speculation of being allowed to pick close friends and family and stick to them to be able to see them.

How would it work if say I picked my partner but he lives with his family would I have to nominate his family as well as in effect I could be passing the virus to him and his family or them to me?

I'm really nervous about the whole thing as it's trusting his family have been as careful as I have and obviously them trusting me.

Would people have to have complete 7 day isolation (no exercise, no shopping trips etc) before being allowed to mix?

No idea how this would work

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shinynewapple2020 Mon 27-Apr-20 22:50:16

We are planning to meet up , firstly with DS and his GF. Both of our houses have access to our gardens without going through the house. We plan to take folding chairs and our own drinks, possibly a disposable BBQ, with our own food, plates etc. We will sit on opposite sides of the garden, listen to music and chat.

For me, the biggest risk isn't the number of people that you include in your 'group' but whether those people have been isolating / distancing or whether they are people who are working places where colleagues are not keeping to the 2m distance. DS works at such a place, so, although I'm looking forward to being able to spend time with him, there will be no hugs or physical contact

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