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70+ parents

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LajesticVantrashell Mon 27-Apr-20 21:37:53

My DM is high risk. We've spoken and as tough as it is, we've decided to not see each other, or her see DS until either a reliable antibody test or vaccine is available (she's 65)

We're also desperate to see in laws (believe it or not!) They're very fit, healthy 73 and 74 year olds who routinely walk 10+ miles a day (during lockdown too).

If/when lockdown is relaxed, what will you be doing about seeing 'older' (I can't bring myself to call them elderly!) parents? I know they'd welcome us with open arms but I couldn't live with myself if we passed something on.

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sunandrose Mon 27-Apr-20 21:49:44

I don’t know.... it’s all so bleak and uncertain. I miss my parents so much, we’re used to seeing them pretty much every day. My DS is 2.8 and is their biggest fan, they miss each other so much. I have an 8m DD and it just breaks me to think she is missing out on bonding time with her grandparents and just won’t havr the same relationship as my little boy does with them....

Quite honestly I can’t see my parents wanting to continue this until there is a vaccine but I’m so anxious for them. Both are very fit an active but in their 70s and DM is diabetic. Such sad, worrying times...

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